Server update 11/25/2015: Version 1.9.5

Dear Kings & Queens,


By Royal Decree we are pleased to announce the arrival of the esteemed and honourable  Blacksmith  to your kingdom!




Don’t forget to build a  Forge  so he can start working!



In addition to the arrival of this new subject, the following changes are live:



  • The health of  the"poison arrow tower" has been increased by 10% at max level
  • The Mummy Speed has been increased from 1.75 to 2.00
  • The Surprise Mummy spawns one more Knight (9 at max.)
  • The conversion rate of Gems to Pearls has been changed from 0,1 to 0,2 per 1 Gem spent
  • The quest “Pearl Diver” can only be achieved via spending gems.
  • The former pearl-scrolls are now all gem-scrolls.
  • If you find Pearls in the third chest of the Chamber of Fortune, the amount of Pearls will be higher than previously.
  • If you find Pearls in Magic Chests, the amount will be higher than previously


  • Added support for Android 6
  • Added support for iOS 9
  • Improvement of Google+ authentication on Android

Known Issues

  • Some players will get a wrong (higher) number of Leadership displayed in their Throne Room menu. On the server and in the battle everything is correct, including the number is used. If you think that the display-bug is appearing on your device and you want to see your correct amount of Leadership you can do so by accessing your Player Profile. We apologize for the inconvenience. The bug will be fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to see you on the battlefield!



Your Royal Revolt 2 Team

Some additional information about the scrolls cost:


All Scrolls that previously cost Pearls will cost Gems. Also we reduced the maximum-prices for some of the Scrolls that could be casted with Gems.

  • Apocalypse – 10 Gems (at max scroll level)
  • Blessing – 10 Gems (at max scroll level)
  • Battlecry – 10 Gems (at max scroll level)
  • Summoning – 10 Gems (at max scroll level)
  • Portal – 12 Gems (at max scroll level)
  • Time Warp – 12 Gems (at max scroll level)
  • Armageddon – 16 Gems (at max scroll level)