Server Update - 11 Oct 2017

Hello Olympians!

Today we had a Live Server Update with the following changes:

Important Information:  This update includes a fix for an issue with the Hero Item Forging system.

When Forging a Cursed Hero Item until it increases in Rarity, any Unique Item perks (Demolition, etc.) which were on the item would be increased to double the amount that they should be.

We needed to fix this issue as soon as possible, before it led to a complete rebalance of the game, due to widespread overpowered items. However, please note that we will not be changing or removing any items which players have already made

Pay special attention  when upgrading these items, as upgrading them again will reduce the Perk to normal levels, it may be the case that it is not a good idea to upgrade them as you may not reach the same power as before.

As an additional note: The unique Perks on Cursed Hero Items are still balanced to be incredibly powerful and useful in Hero builds (though Unique Items will still have stronger Perks), and it will still be possible to create strong builds using them.


Additional Changes:


  • Alliances will now be kicked from an ongoing War if they have less than 5 members, which will also make them lose Torches
  • More players will now get additional daily Titan Points for their rank in the Hall of Gods (Top 10 – 5 Titan Points, Top 100 – 3 Titan Points, Top 1000 – 1 Titan Point)


  • Reduced Gold costs for re-rolling Mastery Quality
  • Significantly reduced Wisdom costs for re-rolling Masteries


  • Prometheus – Slightly increased range of Pyrphoros, allowing it to reach Nyx Towers
  • Odysseus – Increased Health Bonus
  • Ajax the Great – Slightly increased damage of Shield Slam

Gold Rewards

  • The Hall of Gods Reward can now be higher than 100,000 Gold (requires 8,000 Trophies or more)
  • The Alliance Gold Bonus can now be higher than 100% (requires 300,000 Trophies or more)


Thank you,

Your Olympus Rising Team