Server update - 14/07/2016

Hello Olympians!

Today we had a live server update.

The following changes have been made:


  • In order to make Helen of Troy less overpowered we reduced the amount of life she gains per hit, and removed her attack bonus
  • Slightly increased the Cooldown of the Helen’s Beauty Power
  • Cadmus and Prometheus can no longer be slowed by enemy or tower attacks


We have slightly changed the balancing for Spearmen, so that they are more in line with other troops in the late-game

  • The spawn rate of high-level Charon Towers has been increased
  • Hydra and Apollo Towers are now more powerful at higher levels
  • Barricades now have slightly more health at higher levels
  • Trebuchets now have a weakness against fire


  • Increased the cost of Decorations

Good luck in your journey across the sea!

Your Olympus Rising Team

Hello Olympians, Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the last server update. The cost of the Decorations has been increased as it will unlock some really powerful boosts, which will benefit you a lot while playing. Please note that you can still build the Decorations using Gold and/or Wisdom, only upgrading them will cost Gems. The Prestige feature is coming very soon, try it out as soon as it is live and don’t hesitate to share your opinion with us afterwards.