Server update - 15/06/2016

Dear Olympians,

Today we have a Live Server Update.

You can find below the list of the changes.


  • Improvements to the Trophy system
  • All opponents who are matched onto the player’s islands are 5 levels lower than they would have been before the update
  • All defensive structures and defending units were made stronger to compensate for the difference in player level
  • Reduced the time it takes for an opponent to be switched out for another if the player does not beat them
  • Increased the amount of Trophies players can win by beating monster islands
  • The number of times the player’s defense must be beaten before one of their Heroes is sent back to Mount Olympus now increases with each Hero the player uses to defend their islands
  • There is now a maximum number of islands which can be occupied by opponents, depending on how many islands the player has unlocked


  • Chests bought with Gold, free Daily Chests, Video Chests and Ascension Chests now expire after 1 day (instead of 7 days)
  • Slightly reduced Gold gained through Hall of Fame Bonus
  • Fulfilling the quest to build or upgrade the Alliance Hall of Uranos now grants Ambrosia instead of Dominance


  • Units:
    • Spearmen no longer have physical resistance
    • Spearmen are no longer weak to lightning damage
    • Spearmen now have poison resistance
    • Increased how much HP and damage the Spearman gains with each level
  • Divine Blessings:
    • Greatly increased damage and HP of Akhlys Spearman – Use this Blessing to counter Chione Warriors
    • Increased damage of Kratos Archer
    • Increased damage of Aeetes Minotaur
    • Reduced HP of Chione Warriors and Polyphemus Cyclops
    • Decreased HP bonuses of all blessed defensive structures
  • Defense:
    • Slightly increased damage dealt by all towers
    • Slightly increased HP of defending Minotaurs
  • Powers:
    • Slightly increased damage done by Hercules’ Scylla Power at higher levels
    • Slightly reduced initial damage of Odysseus’ Hydra Power but increased damage gained per level
    • Slightly reduced maximum duration of Helen’s Beauty but increased its initial chance to mind control enemies
    • Slightly increased cooldown duration of Dragon’s Tooth at its maximum level
    • Fixed a bug which caused upgrading Bia to level 4 having no positive effect on its strength
  • Invocations:
    • Reduced damage dealt by Scylla
    • Increased damage dealt by Medusa’s Glance and increased the time units get petrified
    • Increased Morale used by Dragon’s Tooth for spawning units
    • Increased shield strength of Styx
    • Increased portal duration of Ariadne’s Spindle
    • Increased damage dealt by Hydra
    • Increased HP restored by Golden Fleece
    • Increased damage dealt by Fist of Powers

Feel free to give us your feedback here!

Your Olympus Rising Team


We will have a short server update to fix the chat issue.

Thank you for your patience.

Your Olympus Rising Team