Server update 15/09/2016

Dear Olympians,

Today Thursday 15th September we had a live server update.

The following changes have been made:

  • New Upgrades available

o   Heroes’ Temple +1

o   Gate of Apollo +1

o   Guard of Thanatos +1

o   All Defense Waves +1

o   Ambrosia Temple +1

o   Ambrosia Silo +1

o   Gold Temple +1

o   Chamber of Gold +1

o   Theater of Dionysos +1

o   Library of Wisdom +1

o   All Towers and Barricades +2

  • Rebalanced costs for some upgrades
  • Rebalanced some Heroes slightly, to increase the usefulness of Hercules and Prometheus at higher levels.
  • Slightly rebalanced the defense to make Sirens and Charon Towers more effective.

Have a nice day and get ready for the incoming fights!

Your Olympus Rising Team


We just had another live server update in order to fix several server issues.

Please excuse the inconvenience.

Your Olympus Rising Team