Server Update 18/12/2015: Holiday Event!

MCBC- Merry Christmas before Christmas :v



Here you can discuss the last server update related to the Holiday event.

Hi what does better rewards mean? Where is the rewards better in chamber of fortune? How long will event last



The better rewards are next to the vouchers symbol :grinning:

This event is a combination of some previous events.

The event will end on Monday 4th January 2016.

When I open voucher bazaar everything cost the same as before and nothing new there



This is the reward if someone enters a friendcode, or if someone enters your friendcode.

If someone enters a friendcode, the player will receive more vouchers, and the player to who this friendcode belongs will also receive more vouchers.

I thought granny would have reroll like crazy granny days :slightly_frowning_face:

Didnt we get this landscape last year already? I know I already used it before wanting to spend gems on thr graveyard.

Yeah the granny reroll are different: 

0 gems if you got offer from granny, then it increases of +1 gem every 2 reroll.

About better rewards: you’ll receive 300 vouchers  instead of 150 as usual, if you enter the voucher-code.



Yes the Christmas landscape is the same.

The same? Then those who already have the landscape will get 1 less prize, doesn’t it sound a bit unfair to you?

I don’t even understand why you have the voucher system rigged up so that only the raw recruits can inter a friend code and then even that can only be done one time only…What about the rest of us? I’d like to get an award from time to time… i have more than one friend occasionally. Why not let us enter as many friend codes as we feel like?

That just never made much sense to me.

I started the post lol?

Next event if you want to put better voucher reward again, please change it to more gold from raid


Wait also 2 less rewards since most people have already entered the voucher codes XD

What’s it mean with the chest saying there will be more for your “allies”?

Kinda nothing interesting in the event :slightly_frowning_face:

We already got the landscape, vouchers already used, if no alliance members buys any gems we get no gem chests and the grandma thing isn’t really that big difference since the cost of rolls goes high up before you actually roll to any gear that is better than the one you got:(

Would actually prefer just a normal crazy granny days or new smith event again.


This means you should get automatically a Gems Chest when someone from your alliance purchases Gems.

Also the rerolls at Granny are cheaper, some players waited for it, and there is a higher success % for the Blacksmith upgrades. 

I would have preferred to have an Alliance Party event instead. The Holiday event is a big disappointment.

Well since I am fairly new to the game I did not yet have the Christmas Woods landscape so at least this updates will help some of us newbies complete the “Unlock a new landscape” quest for free.