Server update 19/01/2016: Blacksmith Meltdown - Discussion



Here you can discuss the incoming event:

Yaaay this time my blacksmith is maxed :wink:

How about cheaper gems for remove perks, and maybe cheaper gems for inventory slot items too? Can you add to the incoming event, please?



I would love free perk removals for the period of the event! Especially since its buggy and u can get the same over and over and nothing is being done about it

I will unlock all slots tomorrow,by the way any effect if the blacksmith is max?never realize it since nothing to upgrade.i upgraded it max since last event

The only effect is that you’ll reduce even further time to melt down the items.

Are the meltdown slot prices reduced, as they were during the last Blacksmith event?

Ignore me … I just did that reading thing that I hear people talking about… Says so in the first sentence…

Yes 25% cheaper.


The meltdown slots are 25% cheaper.

holy **** i just melt my 5 items with 8-15 pearls 10 hours ago

im level 60 T_T.

Good event for melting, thanks. But slots are too expensive even with the discount. And yeah, casino is shit.

Hi… In the last meltdown event U will receive normal pearl if U collect the pearl after the end of event. (Thats why the event prolonged for a day)

is it the same for next meltdown event?



Yes, you need to collect the Pearls during the time of the event to benefit of the increased amount of Pearls.

I don’t like the “slightly” part of the increased chances

I would like double chance to successfully upgrade! Past level 15 that would actually just mean 20% chance which is really low for the wild pearl price

Yeah, “slightly” is just a pretty way to say “almost no improvement”.

Perhaps start melting items now and collect them when the event starts to get 5 times the pearls  :wink:

I am not sure. But if you start melting during the event and collect pearls after the event is over, you get normal amount of pearls (not 5 times). so it is possible that you will get 5 times pearls during the event even if you start melting items before event starts.

Eo hiểu j ka.