Server update 19/01/2016: Blacksmith Meltdown - Discussion

Aaaaah I think my game is bugged the event has not been activated on my account…

Should i try reinstall game?



Don’t start with this for now again :grinning:

Thought we had a good tradition going on :slightly_frowning_face:

Please Aether can you tell us what time the event start and end.



It would be nice when you always let us know how long (Time) the event goes and not only the date.





The exact time of the start of the event is not communicated as it depends on when the devs can kick it off exactly.

One announcement is made each time the event has started.

So maybe in 2 hours?

This event is very disappointing news.

Too many Blacksmith events lately. But since it’s a pure cash-milking scam, flares are introducing it all the time.


Will continue to upgrade my base. Not participating in scams.

Yeah we had it right after it launched before christmas as well.

Hope we can get granny event next :wink:


Just got a amazing idea!

We can sign up to a calling notificaiton list for 200 gems monthly and as soon as the event starts Aether can call the people on the list for immediate notification!

No. Keep in mind the event will start 7 pm german time, 8 hours from now. If it starts earlier, you will read it in here. Now stfu asking enoying questions.

From where do  you receive your intel?


But I am enjoying asking enjoying questions :slight_smile:


news : U will get 5x conversion eventhough starting melting before the event =)

The pearl price for upgrading item is also cheaper.

But this wasnt mentioned in announcement :open_mouth:

The event start now,go goo everybody

I have 2600 pearls and double full set of red items… i do not know how to spend 2600 pearls… it would be nice to have possibility buying bread. And please… can you return scrolls with pearls?

So upgrade the ubers more?


I just spent 1k pearls to get my skull perk to +13 :confused:

2600pearls is nothing if u use in blacksmith,hahaha


Chance of successful upgrade is too low after 3 times… and while you upgrade perks… you get new hero level… and more powerfull yellow items to upgrade. There’s no use trying to upgrage after +3 (imho)

If you are still below level 100 maybe. Otherwise u dont really level that fast