Server Update 19/12/2014

Hey everyone,


We will be doing a server update today. It will include the following changes:

  • Increased strength of Elite Boosts
  • Decreased prices of Elite Boosts

Please report here if there are any issues with the update.


Regards and have fun playing.

This seems to be a move in the right direction!

I notice the duration for each activation is longer now by  2 hours or more ? not sure how much the cost being decreased

I don’t really use the Elite Boosts. What I need is for the Quest rewards to be reverted to previous amounts.

Now , it is now MORE useful to use elite wolf as offence, i won a couple of raid using elite wolf . 

That’s very good! But my alliance isn’t that big yet… :slightly_frowning_face:

6274 is good enough, right?  

what about dungeons? shapeshifter 3 for example,it was impossible for me before this update 

 how can i win this mission now ?

reluctantly u hv to scroll more to win

Jona, can u post please, what it unlock at every Alliance lvl? Thx

Without gold-boosting items, my leadership is 8952 (my gold-boosting items are pretty bad… one of them is blue, and the rest are purple; only one is yellow, and I got it 13 king levels ago)… is _that _good enough?

thats okey for me 8.9k leadership , not sure if you can spawn enough werewolf but surely good for mummies

Your getting warmer.


Its ALMOST affordable.

Great move in the right direction

What I like most of this update are the sales for Windows users promised by the ceo of Flaregames in his open letter…  

and never appeared? Or are you looking Forward to it?

FYI: The Windows sale will start today.





@Ronny @Jona: They appeared yesterday, with a 24 hours counter (the end was today at 7 PM), this morning were already finished!