Server Update 21/10/2014

Jona i still got no video offers after 1.4.2 android update. Made me lose leagues :slightly_frowning_face:


It is a server update. That means that it is applied automatically. It should be in effect now. I can definitely notice a difference. Maybe you can restart your phone to see if that helps.

Loving the hero scream buff


Restart help - thank you very much. The scream buff is very cool.

Nothing important?



It’s good and big update. Hero Scream Buff and Werewolf Buff more better than before now.

Thanks Jona.

love the hero scream makes the equipment for its atleast now something i might want to play with if i found one with a higher value


It’s better than before.

why did barkeeper and harvester change from being gem reward quests to gold reward?



I don’t know what are they before But thank you for your post.



That was the plan. We found that players only rarely used the hero scream ability. We wanted to make it more generally useful.

Other Game Technical problem issue.


I always found lagging while raiding dungeon level. Always…

I play on Windows phone platefore, Lumia 920.


Is this a new problem that was introduced with yesterday’s update? Or the issue exist for longer

Hi Joana, I have a question concerning free food for video offers after 1.4.2 android update. Is this free food for video should be repeatable infinitely (so I could play hundreds times before I go to sleep ), or the number of free food for video is limited e.g. 8 times. Regards, Dave

so why did the quests rewards change seems a odd thing to change along with the other changes

Now that you mention it, they were changed from gems to gold :slightly_frowning_face:

I was checking my rewards and saw a reward with 100,000 gold. It turned out to be my barkeeper rewards which was about 20 gems if I remembered correctly. It is so disappointing for those who did not collect the rewards when they were gems :slightly_frowning_face:

finally it makes sense to rally troops or stay in a crowd of them. The attack speed buff is great. Do hero shout items increase the attack speed too or only the duration?

A minor bug with the new werewolf shout. Or maybe it isn’t dunno. The werewolf always finishes the shout even if stunned before the animation or the shout sound. But the good old stun spells doesn’t run smoothly as a whole :wink:


Exist for longer, I going to post on new topic but when I found this topic, I post in this topic instead.

Jona , I have been getting very low loot today !

Its 60-80k from matchmaking where as it used to be 180-200k+ before today.

Why so low loot ?