Server update - 22/06/2016

Hello Olympians,

Today we had a live server update.

The following changes have been made:


  • Tweaks and improvements have been made to matchmaking, to further balance and fine-tune the game difficulty
  • Enemies will appear more quickly on islands, even if there are still some hostile islands remaining
  • Enemies you do not beat will be switched out much faster


  • Gold islands now produce more Gold over time, and give more Gold when attacked
  • Library of Wisdom production has been slightly reduced
  • Cost of travelling between certain islands has been tweaked


  • The potency of all Powers has been increased to make them more viable at higher Ascension Levels
  • Trebuchets now do more damage against structures
  • The damage and shield effect of the Pyrphoros invocation have been increased
  • The fire resistance of Enyo Barricades and the Range Bonus of Triana Towers have been slightly reduced

Good luck in your journey and see you soon!

Your Olympus Rising Team