Server update - 22/09/2016

Dear Kings & Queens,

Today we had a live server update.

We added the videos of the new boosts for the incoming War season!

We also made a few changes to the Ninja event.

  • As you requested, we restructured the travels from one island to another during the event. You will be able to fight on a few islands in a row now before having to wait for your ship to cover a longer distance!
  • Based on the feedback regarding the difficulty and the observed success rate for completing the levels, we rebalanced the overall difficulty so it should be more enjoyable for everyone! Some levels have become easier but especially if you are in the top tiers and were looking for more challenge, the incoming event should fulfil your wishes.
  • Be prepared to discover new levels during the event

Don’t hesitate to share your feedback so we can keep on improving the Ninja event!

Have a nice day.

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team