Server Update 27/10/2014

Hey everyone,


Today’s server update included the following adjustments:

  • Dungeon Balancing: Lowered the unlock times for levels and reduced the required hero level. 


As per usual, please use this thread to give feedback on these changes as well as reporting any problems that you might encounter.


Thanks and have fun playing!

in new server maintenance my dungeon do not work 

Hey Jona ,

I hope this server update improves the low loot problem .

what is meant by reduced hero level ?


My Shapeshifter Hollow III reduced to 9hr , but it stuck at 9hr did not count down. Is that a bug?


It is possible that you still have to wait the full amount of time since you started the unlocking process before the update. The time should continue to tick down once you reach less then 9 hours.

Please restart your phone. This should fix the issue.

I have already put a worker on the dungeon for the ogre Level 4  the time was 1 day and 5 five hour and now it is only 1 hour!


ok but now it doesn’t go down it remain 1h left i have to pay 26 gems to skip, and if i want to skip i lost the connection.



LOL that sucks 

My digging also stuck at 9h.Please fix this.What’s our fault if we started that before maintanance? it’s unlock timing still old system.

My digging also stuck at 5h and didn’t count down ??

my crypt of the living dead II  30 min but it stuck at 30 min did not count down. Is that a bug?





guys , read #5 , Jona say if u dig it before the update, the time will only countdown once it reaches that new unlocking time

Hi Jona,


I finished my dungeon at 3hrs for only about 69 gems I think. I logged out, then I logged in again, and I lost roughly 1.5k gems :slightly_frowning_face:

We will look into the issues that some of you are reporting. I am not yet sure whether this is a bug or if it should sort itself out. In any case, we will take a look.

I’m digging Crypt of the living dead III and Cave of grave goods XIV. I see them stuck at 1h0m and no count down.

The two finish buttons cost only 26 gems each, so I speed up Crypt of the living dead III, and it’s done, then I speed up Cave of grave goods XIV, and the connection lost. When the game is reloaded, I lost about 610 gems just for that 26-gem-button.


Please refund my gems and reset the count down for me ASAP. Hero name’s Vostro.



oh. i’ll wait for 5h 


We’ll wait. I hope you can refund my 1.5k gems (but I’m not sure for the exact amount). I was saving gems for a worker package :slightly_frowning_face:


BTW thanks for the dungeon balancing.

Jona, why there’s no news about video for food? What did you do exactly for 1.4.2 update? Did you adjust something? Why some players can’t get video offers? Please respond!!!


Dont continue to skip, you will lose a significant amount of gems if you do that. Lucky for you, you are being disconnected if you do that. Unlike me.

I was not diging into the dungeon because it was taking to much time but this server maintanence make me happy and after a month i am diging into the dungeon