Server Update 27/10/2014

Thanks Jona :slight_smile:

When do you guys plan on fixing the loss of trophies during a bad connection ? Never ? I lost another 50 trophies again today ! 

NOTE: Even if you WIN the raid you will lose trophies " IF " you get a bad connection " BEFORE " you reach the treasure chest. 


Another thing is when i lose trophies it’s always 50 trophies !

thanks jona for the refund, however i have another problem.

I just finished Diamond Dungeon level VI. I spent a huge amount of diamonds and grms to complete it to 100% , but there was no crown achievement. My user name is Earth King, can you check again please? Sorry for all the request.

my bad. it was diamond level XV. and i ment diamonds and pearls.

and my user name is Earth King II

im having such a bad day.

Hi Jona,

I encointered the same yhing again. 100% defeted the enemy base, but the no crowns and zero loots and negative trophies. Luckyly i was able to screen shot this time.

thanks admin this is great.

are there plans to add more buildings in the near future?

this is my question for you 3 days ago. Why you passed me on this?? I already reported this problem since the update goes online on oct 20th at bug thread. Your cust handling is sucks jona!!!

Pretend you’re a Windows user for know , no need to be so critical its not even a serious thing

It is serious thing…how do you know i’m windows user?? You must be most clever guy in the world!!! No wonder your comment just like noob…

what was the reason the digging time got slashed from days to hours btw?

I mean yeah why not but the reduction is pretty drastic. whats the idea behind this?


True! Why the decrease and why timed it now?



Simply because it takes too long to dig. They maybe doing this to attract back the people who are leaving the game. Just my guess, don’t take it too serious

I understand regarding balancing to reduce the time so your monsters match your kings level faster etc but making it possible to rush the whole dungeon in a matter of days does the exact opposite of keeping players imo. Dungeon done, content finished, bye, see you next patch ^^

lower level player can’t finish the dungeon yet , its too hard.They can just dig up to certain dungeon before finding it imposibble without lots of scroll.

So then whats the point of digging altogether now? ^^ How far you can get is determined by your lvl/strength, the 4. 6 or 8 hour digging time is more or less irrelevant.


I don’t quite understand the reason reducing the digging into insignificance :slight_smile:

My level 71 King still die before can beat last Orge level dungeon.


But… I think it’s good to reduce digging time, for me who have only 3 workers find it’s much more convinient.

My friend IGN: lost 1000gems still non restore , help him please!