Server update - 28/09/2016

Dear Olympians,

Today Wednesday 28th September we had a Live Server Update.

After examining the data and feedback from the first Alliance War, we’ve made the following tweaks:

  • The rewards received from Battle Chests have been improved.
  • The cost of prolonging War Blessings has been cut in half.
  • Players with maximum Dominance will no longer receive Dominance in chests.
  • Slightly re-balanced the cost of Divine Blessings to make the pricing more fair across all Blessings, without increasing overall costs.

We also made the following fixes:

  • We fixed an issue that the incorrect Hero can be selected during Wars
  • We also fixed an issue that some Heroes taken to War in the Celestial Boost Hero Slot were not usable in Strikes.

Have a nice day and get ready for the incoming War!

Your Olympus Rising Team


Today Thursday 29th September we had a one-time update to prepare the server for upcoming Wars.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Your Olympus Rising Team