Server Update - 28 Nov 2017

Hello Olympians,

Today we had a Live Server Update with the following changes:


  • Reduced the amount of Prestige required to reach higher levels; it is now possible to get to Prestige level 30 by building all Decorations

Ajax the Great

  • Slightly increased health bonus
  • Increased Whirlwind damage


  • Increased maximum Morale and initial Morale at lower Hero levels
  • Now has a fixed health bonus of 30%
  • Fixed a bug which caused incorrect upgrade costs for Artemis’ Powers

Call Stag:

  • Reduced cooldown by 5 seconds
  • No longer dies automatically after 30 seconds
  • Significantly increased health
  • Significantly increased damage
  • Now deals additional damage to all towers and barricades
  • Slightly reduced knockback caused by attacks
  • Is now immune to petrification and stun effects
  • Reduced Invocation cost by 5 Gems

Thunder Charge:

  • Now also deals some damage and briefly stuns enemies even when it’s not charged. Damage and stun duration are noticably higher when using the charged version
  • The charge buff does not expire anymore, until activated by using a Power
  • Now has a fixed cooldown of 12 seconds when Artemis is charged

 Piercing Venom:

  • Reduced cooldown by 5 seconds
  • Slightly increased the area in which enemies are hit, making it a bit easier to aim
  • Significantly increased damage

Hail Storm:

  • Reduced cooldown by 2 seconds
  • Slightly increased damage

 Blazing Slash:

  • Reduced cooldown by 15 seconds
  • Slightly reduced damage

Thank you,

Your Olympus Rising Team