Server update 29/01/2016: Boost Defense event / Discussion



Here you can talk about the incoming event:

Great event!


But would be perfect if you would include defense waves in this type of event

This event doesn’t include the Castle Gate, right?

its category is building not tower,u should upgrade it previously when they have the building event

This event is great, but I agree that waves should be included, come on! Waves are maybe the only stuff in the game that’s missing some fun event…

Thanks for the announcement, I was getting ready to spend a bunch on a troop upgrade, but this worth getting a gold shield and saving it up. 

Hey , when will the event end?

Please help event is not working !!!111!!!

Stupid troll

Too bad I have work all day and busy tomorrow. Can make use of it properly in 2 days

How can start event please?

Good event!

max upgrading time=1 day. LOL

Event is different for me: max 1 day to upgrade things and 30% less price for some reason on mine skull tower. Thanks :wink:

Bug?1day for me?



No it is not a bug, the event has been slightly modified, I updated the announcement.

no 30% less gold on me :slightly_frowning_face:

all is 20%. checked on all tower and obstacle

please check it again…

Yes its 20% my baricade upgrade was originally 5 mill now its 4

Yes it’s 20% sorry.

Haha,even gold flare also wanna cheat us