Server update - 30/06/2016

Dear Olympians,

Today we had a live server update.

The following changes have been made:

Trophies & Matchmaking

  • We made another minor change to make the war between different player levels yield fairer rewards.


  • Hercules’ last Power Slot is now unlocked 2 levels earlier (at level 15).
  • Hercules will have slightly more morale available at higher levels to make him more viable as a late-game Hero.
  • Helen of Troy will be more powerful when first unlocked. To counterbalance this, the increase in power that she gains per level will be slightly decreased and smoothened (to avoid her being overpowered at certain levels)
  • When using Pyrphoros with Prometheus, it will grant more shield protection and deal more instant damage when activated. Note: this does not apply to the Pyrphoros Invocation.
  • The amount of Dominance required to unlock Cadmus and Achilles has been reduced.

Good luck in your travels and see you around!

Your Olympus Rising Team