Server update - balance changes

Soooo, you listened to some “lower” players who said offense was too strong by implementing new tower/structure levels? You know that the complaints of those members will remain, since most of them haven’t reached maxed stuff yet? I didn’t hear top players say bases were too easy, I think old-maxed bases still needed to be scrolled most of the time. But good to notice you deal with lower level struggles by making top level even harder and in need of even more scrolls, while for the players that complain no changes were made. And since you can have only 12 insta-troops every 2 hours, I guess we are just forced to spend the 25 gems to request more, and 25 gems to donate more troops during war, if we are limited in time and have to do raids in one spin, or just scroll more.

Endless upgrading, I love it. Flare so creative, new levels every few months, thanks <3

Lightning tower +1 level

I think, this was bound to happen. There no new creativity to introduce at least for the time being, since a major update happened. 

50% gem discount sale is going on, and the update is correctly planned. Once some top players max. the updated levels, FG will introduce additional levels. 


“Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”

Indeed the issue wasn’t the tower lvl by itself but the difference of a very highly perked towers/obstacle defence and a non perked defence. So now a non perked defence will be slightly better but the highly perked defence will be impossible to beat…  So the new levels solution in my opinion wasn’t the correct solution…

Also it’s funny to see that update that are for new uber items (including skulls perks) are done just before wars ( with a whish to exacerbate compulsive buy by gems) and update that needs gold are done just after war (when there isn’t that much gold already out there…)(with a whish to exacerbate again compulsive gold buy by gems). We can of course expect a lack of gold for the next days…

They increased the voucher friends amount. That’s stupid because we can’t even reach 20, and we’re needing more spots for normal friends.

I don’t like new levels, why adding new levels when they could change the health, damage, attack rate and bla bla bla of the latest level of towers and obstacles? Do we have to arrive with a skull tower lvl 50 in few months? <.<

Same here i also don’t like this . Developers not giving enough time to suit to the latest update before they give another new update .Hope they think about waiting for some time to implement some on their ideas. 

"We Need Some Time"

Simply  just want the player keep p(l)aying. 

Yes but they get the opposite, people don’t like tens of levels, not even wait hundreds of years = players give up easily then.

Its more like just want players keep quiting , they havent yet solved the huge crashing problems that came with uber chest update and now they give even more bugs and problems to it . Many of my friends quiting game , what i dont like is they wanted to play but they have got so much frustrated with the crashes that no more eagerness to play remains is them .


Exactly, I was thinking the same.

By balancing I understand buffing/nerfing hp, resistanse, demage etc. Not adding new levels to everything. Not that long ago we just got 2-3 new levels of everything !.  Some people complained about too strong offense compared to defense and bum, here is Flare listening to players and introducing new levels to defense ! When people complain about skull perk, broken war mechanism Flare doesn’t listen. Just yesterday I was so excited that I maxed out all skulls and now can focus on something different, today they give me one more level to everything, thanks a lot.

Next step will be adding one more level to spells and troops ? And then another levels to towers ? If you want to balance something just spend some time and do balance it, not endlessly add new levels.

I think its the true end coming.   Unless you want to do this back and forth nonsense till we have level 50 towers and level 40 castle gates, then by all means enjoy it.

You can reverse time 2 years of updates and we would all find our selves with the exact same status.   Your base would still be strong versus the troop selections etc , All Flare has done for years now is just take stats and increase them, 6 months its for offense, then 6 months defense , then back to offense , back to defense, before you know it, your ogre has 70K health, towers have 300K health…nothing has changed - ESPECIALLY the main thing!  for every level and every introduction of anything the customer has to GEM/PEARL/PAY   Every penny we spend to perk the hell out of our bases and make them the best we can was all destroyed in one shot with 4th insta troop slot now.

Ive been saying it for a LONG time now in my alliance, I am no longer here because of this silly game where a king has to go through a maze and knock down a gate. I am here because of the guys I met and talk with and can truly call friends at this point in my alliance.  If there was a way to pick them all up and drop them in a new game where we could all hang out and BS as we play like we do here, I promise you would see one less alliance here in likely a split second.


The max number for the voucher friends was increased from 20 to 30 . realy flare ???

how lame are you realy ? dont you think? it looks you just do so because you can but you dont think what it realy does…
the voucher thing is a big fail since the start. get it out of the game or change it cause you know aswel as all plaers that it wont work since evry player has only one time to enter a friend code…
99^% of players already entred it so why increase the amount when you just cant get new friends …
o and when you think we have many new players now i have some news for you. thse players are all plaers adding a second or more accounts just to enter the friend code for the uber chests . so you dont get many new players by making players spam this crap again and again…
stop being an asshole flare … and stop irritating players cause this is just so lame and stupid . it looks just like flare is just a bunch of idiots here ,
so remove the failing ticket system or change it maybe by adding an option that players can enter codes more once a day or few times a week… cause this is just plain mismanagement there … and you know mismanagement is killing every company eventualy.

Yes please,  just let me know what game we choose.  :wink:

omg…this shut my big mouth up…here is a toptc i totally agree with everything said…more lvls…im overwhelmed…i wont even try to keep up…the entire middle lvl of alliances is just stagnating…not moving up or down…top ten the same…game might be fun for new players…but this just sucks   and is soooo boring…and with new lvls it goes on for eternity…

Not sure if trolling or serious for once… :huh:

Friend Uber Chest is an effective scam, it’s impossible invite a friend because after few minutes the code changes again so remain only to burn 300 gems always…

So i don’t care of +10 voucher-friends slots they added for me they can also add 50 voucher-friends slots but if people don’t find the game interested they leave it immediately.

Still i think they added +10 voucher-friends slots for the fact that if we reach the cap then we can’t no more open friend uber chest? the fact remain always that if you reach the cap of voucher friends then you have to delete someone to get the other future friend uber chests, isn’t it?

Treat new players because we want the uber chests it’s not the best way… for a new starter see his/her voucher friend vanish because s/he wanted only the uber chest, some doubts (like wtf or why you did it?, why you removed me) can come out from the newbie?  -_-