Server Update for Gargoyle Nest

  • Gargoyle Nest level 1: 
    • Tower from level 1 to 6 → +100% Damage
    • Tower from level 7 to 17 → +230% Damage

The word “level” is used twice, and that makes it really confusing.

Why not use the word Boost?  

  • Gargoyle Nest _ Boost _ level 1: 
    • Tower from level 1 to 6 → +100% Damage
    • Tower from level 7 to 17 → +230% Damage

Not that big of a deal. Archimedes was clear that is was the Boost

It’s clear sentence from Archimedes because he’s already mention that it’s Boost and not normal Gargoyle tower from his sentence before:


If you still confused, maybe because of this update:

Then, I think you should eschew from Aki pal in the mean time.

instead  of doing that changes, they should fix the damn bug in windows pc.

Which one?  There are many to choose from. :slight_smile:   My vote would be for fixing Windowed mode (it’s been broken for more than a year, since the Win10 Anniversary edition was released) or fixing the intermittent 2-3 second lags caused by the WindowsNonFatalSuspectedDeadlock event from the geolocation.dll access (broken since the Win10 Fall Creator’s Update release)…

Windows freeze happens because flares devs suck. They should go back to school and learn Fortran. Maybe better success…

Gargoyle Towers need a damage buff, not just the nests. Upping the damage of the Gargoyle Tower will give a higher damage in turn for the Garogoyle Nests and make gargoyle towers usable again. Frost Towers had their buff, now it’s the Gargoyle Tower’s turn.