Server update of 18/01/2018 .. not fixed

Posted 19 hours ago

Hello Olympians,

Today we had a Live Server Update with following changes:

  • Fixed a bug where a cursed chest would not display a task.
  • War and Odyssey tasks no longer appear for Social Titan Chests.

Doesn’t seem fixed … I saw myself today on a friend’s tablet (running on windows 3.9.1) that cursed titan chest she got an hour ago is not displaying the task.

So it’s after the server update, and is a fresh one just taken (not old pending titan). 


Hey @Dheth,just tell your friend to log out of game and then log in after 15 minutes.I too was facing the same issue and did what I just told you.Now it is displaying quest required to unlock cursed titan chest.I hope this will help.

She says it worked and says thanks also :))