Server update on the 30th!

Ok so before update it was 14-20 trophies I would lose per day. First day after update I lost 79 in last 7 hours. Someone please tell me what happen?.  I don’t want to lose all my trophies again… 

people who attack you with lower trophie count, will win more trophies, its more trophie based now. lvl 30 not in top 10 anymore, will take a while before game is balanced again…

nothing was changed, everything fine?

What the f I’m down 147 trophys today. lvl 54. The only one who can beat my defense is same or higher lvl cause I can’t even beat it.

Just how many trophies are we talking per win now? Most I would be down is 20 a day. Half the time I’d be winning 20

How bout you devs put a CAP on how many trophies you can lose a day and solve problems instead of creating new ones

Seems like it will be harder to maintain high rank for anyone 

300 (400 in total) down for me in 1 day. I don’t care, but If you ask me this is not the right approach. Higher leveled players than you, that in fact are weaker than you (thus have lower trophies than you), have now the chance to rip you of trophies, which is ridiculous. If someone is high leveled, has not upgraded wisely and played without strategy and has even a weaker defense than me, then yeah, I think he deserves to be lower than me. For example, I fought a guy 16 levels above me, I sliced through his barricades like butter, I could’ve destroyed his base 2 times in time… and this guy will gain something like 22 trophies for winning against me and I got 3 (hello? he is 16 levels above me).
To be fair, most people in this forum wanted it that way, higher levels will raise in trophies, even if they are weak and in my opinion don’t deserve it, by every update I have the feeling that the game loses a bit of strategy, what is the point of having a ranking system based on trophies if now it will balance depending on ascension level?
And don’t be fooled that this is the reason that Kfoolington is off the first ranks, his thumbs are just hurting so much that he can’t attack anymore. 

In all honestly I stopped caring about trophies after last update. I don’t need the gold bonus from attacking anymore either. If I need gold/wisdom I just park all my heroes on the highest production islands with some defense fleets

all I’m doing is just a few attacks each day for the hell of it and collecting resources for upgrades

hoping they will implement alliance wars and some other things to give this game more meaning

Disagree tzogos. I think they are moving the game in the right direction. Trophies are flowing back to the top where they belong. A lvl 100 player with a strategic setup, maxed defense and is active, should be at the top. This promotes people to want to lvl up and ascend to help them move up the ranks. Wat game promotes someone to stay stagnant? If a high lvl player hasnt upgraded properly they are goin to find it hard to win battles against same lvl or lower lvl opponents with solid defenses therefore find it difficult to maintain a high rank… but guess wat, now theyll have to upgrade and ascend to move forward. I to am losing trophies, it sucks… but its goin to opponents who are obviously stronger than me 

Im in the same boat detri

Yes, game definitely needs some new content as well as a world chat. Would be good to get some feedback from developers about that.

I’d like to see the trophies move into a weekly ranking event where players and guilds get rewards because they do hold little value at the moment

I agree with Tzogoz, this is what most here in forums wanted. Heavy gem spenders now got what They wanted. Asencion level is now equal to trophy level, if you have more trophys than the estimated for your level you Will loose them trying to defend.


3 weeks ago they make update , i was in 146 place at the top and after update i fall down by trophies in total 700 and i was in top 1000, now i again come back in top 167 and still going up! So come on keep fighing!

Oh yes i am lvl 62.

I mean I don’t Really give a shit about trophies either, I like to play the game and have a lot of free time recently, I just don’t understand why its so hard to implement a decent trophy system that rewards you for playing well regardless of anything 

When I see that I lose trophies on defense my reaction is to think my defense could be better… So I spend a lot of time rethinking it. I’m always trying to get to the point where I have no losses. But there’s no point in that… Im going to lose to a high lvl player regardless. Which is bullshit. But it is what it is. 

What if lower levels get 3 and max 8 per win and high level players get 6 or more and 15 max per win against other high level players. That would still promote leveling up. non of this crap where you end up on a significanfly higher lvl players island just cause you have more trophies 

The sense of entitlement that these high level players have is ridiculous. How the f do you get to lvl 100? Hardcore wallet warriors. For once they couldn’t pay to win. Lol. I have no sympathy nor do I think they are entitled to everyone else’s trophies 

Everything Tzogo said is right. 

Detri im going to have to take your approach to this game I have better things to do

I also liked the fact that for once it wasnt pay to win, seeing a level 18 in top ten that probably also used gems ( light spender, average ) but did so based on strategy and understod how the game worked was great. Now we are back to pay to win, no strategy or understanding of the game. So get your credit Cards ready folks 

Sense of entitlement? Have u seen wat has happened to lvl 80+ players in the last month? The game had become unplayable for them. Most have just quit. Yes they spend money, but so wat. Thats their choice. Regardless of this my point is, someone who is at a high lvl has access to stronger troops, towers, barricades etc so why wouldnt they be at the top if they knew how to use it? Ur still goin to compete with opponents in ur ascension range but until the ladder adjusts to wat its meant be theres guna be some irregular trophy movement. I see lvl 60 dominating the ranks at the moment but soon itll be 70, then 80 and so on. Once this is done i still think theyll need to fine tune the trophy reward for similar lvl opponents as 3 trophies a win is just depressing and doesnt promote ppl to fight especially when theyre fully buffed. I honestly just wana see this sorted so they can move onto other things like alliance wars and other events.


Ps: kimmizz im sorry but thats probably the most idiotic post ive read on this forum

this is so much fun, trophies finally go where they belong, and yeah we lost 1000’s of trophies at higher level after first update the game was unplayable… and if you lose so many right now thats how it feels how we experienced it a whole month long, just let the system be balanced again and we all can play it with fun and start to lvl up again. and yes i am losing big trophies to at this moment.

Still just getting 1 trophy per win but now I lose 10x more great success :slightly_frowning_face:  

Super Very Good! ??

Developers want to make money from their work. They made a mistake a month ago ruining the game for higher levels player, many who spent good coin, and have since quit playing. Flaregames have seemed to have fixed it. Advance at the normal speed or put some money on reap the advantages of having gems and multiple buffs. Not levelling up to stay on the top of the Hall of Fame was a broken game. 

I think the game feels much better again.

I understand what you want to say, but from your descriptions I think you haven’t understood the system in this game. The problem with the lvl 100 player that you mentioned, goes beyond the trophy system in general, there are only a bunch of lvl 100 players and the system is forced to pair them with much lower opponents and they got ripped every time they lost. That system is not fair towards them, but if you see the big picture, you can’t build a system around them, they are only the 0,00001% of the players and they just have to wait for other people to advance in that level range, I’m not saying it’s fair but at least I can’t think of anything else without disbalancing the whole system again. 

And let me give you an optical example of what I mean, in the video below is the dude that I was talking about in the post above, certainly his only goal was to advance in ascension level, either he didn’t know anything about strategy or he just wanted to play the game in that way. I mean ok, whatever it is, even if he is levl 70, he has as much trophies as he deserves, a decent level 40 player has a stronger defense than he has, his barricades are most likely lvl 8 or something like that. And now tell me… is it fair that this guy will get from me 20+ trophies and I will only get 3, despite the fact that he is 16 level above me and played without strategy the whole time. Is this the right approach? If someone can’t figure out how to play this game and any game, then hard luck! But careful what you are requesting, if you want this to be totally dull, without strategy, without skills, it will go that way…

I am almost level 60. I get a ton of gems but lose trophies… stop giving me gems for my awsome def and make the trophies loss less. I don’t care if I have 500 more trophies then a level 70. I worked hard for them. Going from 2k to 2600 in a week. Attacking non stop. Should be  a max of 10 u can lose from one attack… not 48

its trophy matchmaking, and yes if you only gain trophies last month was because it was easy win win for you guys you gained trophies of someone who already had nothing left just because of his lvl you could win over and over , now its trophy based and you guys start losing and complaining, because the difference is to big between players trophy count, just let the game balance again and you can start earning trophies again without big loses.