Server update - Prestige level jumped but no rewards

Hi team,


Due to the live-server update yesterday (28-11) the amount of prestige required per level changed. This made me jump from level 27 to level 28 but because this didn’t happen “naturally” I didn’t receive any rewards (titan chest + extra days of celestial boost). Apart from this I usually ‘time’ my prestige level so I can buy extra celestial boosts for the old price (e.g. lv 27 was 400 gems, lv28 is 415. I would buy extra while on 27 as it saves me 15 gems per 7 days). 

  @CaptainMorgan: I’m not the only player who got this disadvantage. Will there be some kind of compensation for this? At least the standard (titan) chest + free celestial days.



Hi all,


Same thing happened to me too. Jumped from lvl 26 to 27 (no chest, no extra days). 

Me too!!!

Também me ferrei … Nessa brincadeira. Quero minha recompensa.! Faltava 800. Pra ativa. Eu já tava pra Ativa e levar 3 pra guerra. Aí do nada saltou e não ativou. Agora tenho q pagar com gemas ou ativar com 4.000 de prestígio? Tá de sacanagem né ???

I know there are lots of players at lower levels who “time” their celestial boosts that way so they can have 3 heroes for war, for example.  

It’s stinks, to get more expensive level without the bonus. :angry:

I was hoping the solution was going to be one more decoration to buy. That might have been more elegant than this.