Server Update - Snake Tower Weakened?

I fought straight after the server update and my king could literally bathe in green poison for ages! Was it just a really weak snake tower?

Just stood in a twin outpouring of emerald putrescence without dying for fifteen seconds. Pointy things like arrows seem sharper and more deadly though…

Most probably true sadly that snake tower got nerfed, again!! Ahhh so frustrating

don’t think it’s been nerfed at the higher levels

We need more testers to check. I am Windows Phone as well.

I think it is, just stood under a max skull tower for ages, it took an ogre to do some serious damage.

Why cant Flare just do any good? The power was allright, just nerf the range till level seven or so…

On iOS it s still deadly as… Poison… No change noticed with high level snakes

Maybe it’s just that my poison gear is now functioning correctly. I always noticed that fire gear was more effective than poison gear at blocking damage.

Still no one noticed that arrows seems to pierce better?

If they would finally have fixed the bug with poison gear not working AT ALL for some cases, that would be awesome, though I’m a bit skeptical there… 



Did you actually mean a skull tower or a snake tower there?  :huh:

you think she was distracted and stood waiting under the wrong tower …  standing under a skull tower waiting for the poison destroying the lovely bundle of flowers she was holding and nothing happened until an ogre passed by ?


it’s possible…

Stood under two max snake, 20secs half HP remaining :open_mouth:

I dont even have a poison shield

According to earlier experiments of some others from many months ago, snake tower damage indeed doesn’t stack (i.e. 2 snakes not dealing more damage than just 1), which is, just saying, quite stupid. 

Nonetheless, a single max snake should have been enough for killing you in way less than 20 secs, so if fii still has half of his health remaining after 20s, without any poison shield gear, then that leads me to the conclusion: 

  • no fix to poison gear

  • big nerf to snake tower


So, great news, finally another useless tower again :wink:

I tested today.

Poison gear is working, but the difference to non-poison-gear is very small.


I tested knights against 1 max snake-tower and the result:

1 (!!!) Lvl.12 Elite Knight (Boost Lvl. 7) can kill a max snake tower!

2 knights very easily and fast.


With the Hero the damage isnt much even without poison-gear.


Why has that been changed and why unannounced?


The snake tower wasnt overpowered for sure, it was a strong tower indeed, but certainly not overpowered.


Now the only strength of that tower is his strong base (takes time to destroy).


I have leveled the snakes for nothing (even during the actual event).


Hopefully, thats a sideeffect with bugfixing and not intentially changed.

Fortunately i can still consider Snake Tower a tower that help you to pass to the next point, i mean it help you to grow up with trophies, to find better gold attacking more high people so as to upgrade other more important towers (that could be firebolt towers or skull towers etc). It can be considered a Starter Bonus  from mid level bases to high level bases. since its effect vanish in time as soon as you your king grow up with strength and you have better spells to destroy it.

But i still evaluate the idea to make easy the life for low-mid players with less damage, instead i would have restored the power of before this server update for high lvl players; something to balance and put regularity among all types of bases (low,mid,high).

Whether they have been weakened or not I still struggle with them so I assume others do, so I keep a few in my base. I find with healing arblasters they have a lot of hp and really slow the opponent down. It has helped me gain a few hundred trophies recently.

They look still strong , my snake tower do the job