Server update

Hi, it’s been noticed with the update today that the damage reflection has also been reduced, important for those with polished vests, mirror shield and the like.

They forgot to add …

  • changed/fixed the values you obtain by forging items

because it did change from before update, there is more variancy by mixing items and the number of stars they have now seems to count (it didn’t, before the update).

We’ve now added a whole host of new flags to the Alliance Language Selection ( please note: the gods are aware that Canadian is not a language, but we didn’t want to add the same flag twice)

This phrase kill me and shock me a little. Maybe you don’t know much about this CaptainMorgan. Canadian is a language. People think in this world French people have create french language? All wrong. They are not alone on this planet. For your information there a place call Province of Quebec who sadly we are forced to be with Canada. We speak better french then them but that its a question of point of view of course. So when you say Canadian is not a language you should know you have wrong on all the line. You should know Canadian can be English or French. You never heard about movie translate in French VFF or VFQ? far the same. In this world there is 2 French language its not the same. French (France) French (Canadian - Quebec)

If we are not well know in this world its just because we have fail in 1980 to separate from Canada. The politic have cheated and the No win. We have fail in 1995 too for the same reason for cheat. We don’t lose hope we gonna try once again in 2020. The day we will separate from Canada its gonna be a good day. Everyone think Canada is Vancounver,toronto,Ontario,etc… its not just that and far of that

When someone think about Canadian the first think he have in mind is English language. Wrong and what is sad if we are call Canadian its only because we have no choice and nothing else but we are not Canadian but Quebecers its far the same. We have no choice to use Canadian Flag everywhere or be represented by Canadian everywhere like in Olympic Games

So if people see a Canadian Flag in Alliance in Olympus Rising or Royal Revolt 2 its not because they are Canadian but maybe good chance their are Quebecers who speak French


Hope one day we will become a Country and will be more know for the rest of people

so when someone say Canadian is not a language you have wrong. The Canadian Flag represent a lot of language at the same time : English (Canada) French (Canada) French (Quebec) etc…

Canadian is not a language.

@Warriornator We’re very much aware that there is a French Canada and an English Canada, and also that both French (Canadian) and English (Canadian) are somewhat different to their European equivalents.

This is the reason that we considered having two Canadian flags, and also the exact reason that we did not name the language “English”, but rather opted for “Canadian”, in recognition of the fact that saying “English” would not be correct.

If you have follow 2 second you will realize we don’t have talk about the nationality but about the language. far the same. Canadian is a nationality yes but here we talk about the flag. I just talk and explain Canadian Flag represent many language. So just the fact to say Canadian is not a language is wrong a part wrong

I know our history about us is enough complex and complicated for the others. Maybe don’t try to understand lol so I pass to explain all in details you have Google for that if you have time

To come back to the main topic really awesome like each update great work 

I like too the fact the size of each update are small. People like me who are well limited in data per month its a good thing.

@StuartMc1 thanks for pointing this out. This is actually part of the fix for the resistances, as damage reflection was also resisting more damage than it should have for the Hero Statues. I have edited the patch notes with some clarification.

This bug (which we now fixed) was also the reason for Perseus being such an overpowered Hero Statue.

Thank you so much. Yeah Perseus started to be sometime unbeatable. So this update is more than welcome if that fix this problem. Good job. Because losing some trophy becasue of the defender was a little frustrating if you have just opponent at +3 

What was the bug? Because other heroes have shields, obviously, and you could always get high levels of physical resist on other heroes. Was it something specifically about Perseus?

@dumpster You’re right, it was not specifically about Perseus, he is simply one of the Heroes with whom it’s easiest to get a high physical resistance.

The other factor only applies to those players who had his Mirror Shield unique item, which is that Damage Reflection is also affected by the fix, meaning both perks on his unique item were previously overpowered and have now been fixed.

@CaptainMorgan Just i wanna tell you " Thanks for ur support and include our flag inside the game , I have asked for ONLY Saudi Arabia flag but you have add more Flag for other country in Middle East one of them is for my country " Palestine", Thanks again “”.

BTW some of our Alliance the rank now 59" Islamic Union".

@Samir Great to hear that you’re pleased with the additional flags, so now you can more properly represent in the Alliance Rankings, good luck climbing the leaderboard!

I do not have mirror shield. But with a brachelet and masteries, i have %19 damage reflection for perseus. Now the statue has %10 reflection. I have %90 physical resistance for perseus but statue had %49 physical resistance. 

I can understand nerfing mirror shield that is clearly owerpowered but the decreased reflection from a brachelet that i forged  from godlike to 5 stars titan and also gained reflection  from 2 mastery slots (spent many gold/wisdom/2 slots) seems a little bit not fair… 

@Hellslord I can understand the frustration, but it’s important to note that this was not a rebalancing of the Perks. We fixed a bug which was making them too powerful. This bug was causing the same problem for all Damage Reflection Perks (regardless of whether or not they were on a unique item) and was causing those particular perks to be unbalanced.

Ok CaptainMorgan. It effects all (fair) so not a big thing for me ?

_ I did ask for this … so thank you. _

_ R.I.P. OP Perseus defender _

_ To bad I just got the shield  _

Sorry @Warriornator, I have to echo what dumpster and CaptainMorgan have said: Canadian is not a language.

@CaptainMorgan I’m curious about how do you decide to implement a flag. Is it based on the players’ IP addresses or geolocation? I don’t think there are many Canadian players (and I hope I’m wrong, LOL), so thanks for the Canadian flag.

@Tomaxo Most flag implementations were based on requests, and the rest were based on the countries with the most users in-game. So Canada does have a lot of players :slight_smile:

CaptainMorgan i suggest a United Nations flag. Our alliance has members all over the world and all of us will like it. 

How about a specially made Olympus Rising flag? It will be cool, I think.