servers down?

Says connected but. Just hangs there


Does the issue still remain by now, or did it get fixed?

When ik connect the game shuttle down. Now 5 times


The game gives more disconnects than usual. Whenever I search for players to raid or chat somewhat the game seems to lose the connection every now and then.

Yes, the search feature is not a good thing to use at the moment.

It works from time to time, but most of the time it will lead to disconnect at the moment. :confused:

It is related to the server instability, like the one on Friday, and will be investigated by the team when they are back from the weekend on Monday.

disconnects 5 times in 7 minutes…not using search feature so waiting for your unstable servers messed up ninja event and now the war…lol


Also my members including me have troubles and get disconnected all the time. Clicking chat is already enough to risk getting disconnected, including clicking the war map or picking a war opponent.

Once you make it to start a fight it seems that the raid goes without a problem. It is very annoying all those disconnects in a very short period of time. My advise is to test plus check the code added to the game lately, we played with more persons simultaniously and didn’t have problems. Compare the amount of data send to server also between relative stable and unstable versions. Maybe some data is send unnecesary and that leads to these situations.