Servers in game!!

It will bee more fair if there is a three servers for league.

1). For Android- free food

2). For iOS- free food

3). For Windows- there are many players complaining about no offering free food… 


then if this will happen… it would be more exciting cause in windows we can make a new league record!!! 

i think HSMK use window phone, and he can make record without free food LOL

cause he is rich.! <_<

Don’t forget not all Android/ios users do massively use those videos, and many don’t even get a relevant amount of video offers at all, thus couldn’t even use them massively even if they wanted to.

A massive-video-user will outrank other android/ios players just as easily as wp users, if he wants to.

Also as android and ios have the exact same options, I see no reason to separate those from each other?