set record in league

How to set such a high record…like I am in platinum league and a player has set nearly 64k medals record… That’s insane… And I make like 200 medals a fight…is it enough to win or do I need more

To do record you have to:

  1. Having a MEDAL BONUS help you a lot (but it’s not necessary) being in:
  • in top 1000 you have 5% medal bonus

  • in top 500 you have 10% medal bonus

  • in top 100 you have 25% medal bonus

  • in top 10 you have 50% medal bonus

Medal Bonus increase your medals that you earn by an opponent.

  1. You can set the record only overtake the previous record

  2. Play a lot during all the time of League if necessary, so drink coffee and stay awake all day to not lose time for food.

I’m joking most of people are high level that know how, when, do a record, if you wanna set a record now as low level, you have to wait “a bit” ^^

As soon as you have lot of trophies you will meet also people with high medals and leagues will be easy for you =)

Thanx I guess I gotta wait…by the way how much time does I take to reach level 60 or so…i reached level 35 in 9 days

Each level requires more and more experience, so it’s a long way to reach maximum level 120.

I just saw in diamond league the record is 144k…thats insane on the face of it