Seth phinix

I have 7 wives when I should have 11 wives and there are slow ?? What should u do to fixe that ??

Sorry we’re monogamous here in Portugal.

We can only have one wife :wink: .

I would recommend seeing a marriage counseling then. :grinning:

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Jk, I assume you meant waves. What exactly do you mean by they are slow? And welcome to the forums :slight_smile:


Yup I have 7 waves but i should have 11  and waves speed are slow something wrong with the bug?? What should I do?


It would be great to go through this list and provide us with more information :slight_smile:

- Your In-game name

-** Device **** of the affected player**

-** Operating **** system of the affected player**

-Steps to reproduce the problem

-Frequency (How often does the bug occur?)

-For how long has the bug been occurring?

-Providing as much information and details as possible will help us to categorize and fix problems as soon as possible (for example video material or screenshots).

Our testers can look into the bug better with that :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!

You cannot have 11 waves. The maximum is 9 you unlock with Castle Guard level 11. Probably Madlen didn’t know that information. So there is no bug. for reduce the cooldown between wave you need to upgrade the Castle Guard. Castle Guard maxed at level 15 drop the cooldown at 15 seconds