Setting up a global chat app outside the game

"Newb Enablers" series

While alliances communicate & collaborate among members using OR’s in-game chat, there are often times (say, alliance war) when the player may be away from the gaming device & unable to communicate their situation to their leader. As OR is not easily portable between devices, this becomes serious, because the war manager assumes the player has gone inactive, leading to termination of the member. Some alliances have found an alternative via Line app on their smartphones for such emergency communication. 

So, perhaps, this is a suggestion that many players have frequently articulated over the years. And, for an MMORPG, a global collaborative platform is at the very foundation of the gaming experience. So, I was quite surprised that FG did not have such a platform outside the game. Some comments, such as this & this, seem to imply that such a platform is impossible. Well, perhaps FG could consider Discord (_ FYI : I am just an app user, not an agent of that company_). Here’s a mockup of how I see FG enabling a global chat facility outside their games for players to collaborate, even when not able to access their gaming device (to which the game is firmly nailed):

The left margin features 2 icons, which are the Discord “servers”. While FG can setup its server for all their players to collaborate, individual alliances can setup their own servers (see icon below the FG logo), effectively setting up a subgroup within the global FG group. The alliance founder then sends invites to their members to join in this subgroup. As Discord can be downloaded on a mobile phone, alliance members can be away from their gaming device & yet communicate with their alliance leaders. Playing members can also keep their leaders updated on war progress even as the leaders are at school or work. 

Besides alliances, FG’s support staff & developers can also benefit from Discord. In the image, the right panel presents a listing of key staff. Similar to this Forum’s subforums, FG can have separate “channels” for their various games. The left panel next to the margin illustrates this. 

One-on-one private messages can be exchanged between players, even when the recipient is offline. Just search for the player, click on their username, and start typing. 

And, most importantly, it is not too hard for FG to setup this app for the player community. Once you setup the server & inform the player community via this Forum, players can sign up via email ID (for PC) or phone number (for smartphones). Then, alliance leaders can form their own subgroups within FG’s main group. 

Would you please consider?

Thanks. ☺️

_ PS : Once Discord is setup for FG, the load on this Forum will plummet, which could give a precious window to perform that long-overdue overhaul of this unwieldy platform. @GalaMorgane , @Tomaxo , & @Infamous may please validate_. ?