Setting Way Points for the Players on the Conquest Map

Since Royal Revolt has the terrible horrible crappy tiny chat window that holds like 10 lines, and we cannot communicate with any players because that communication is gone in about 15 minutes and they probably won’t have logged on by then…

You, Flare, absolutely owe us Way Points! 

So a General can set a Way Point that tells a player where he wants him to travel to.  Obviously, the player can do whatever he/she wants, but he will know his orders.

And that’s my order to you guys, @FTB, @Lisa, @PaSte, @Pete!  You know you owe us this, and it’s a good idea!

Yep, we need better communication. Way points would be useful, but I’d rather have a bigger chat, if I had to choose between that and the way points

We’ve been asking for bigger chat for what…

4 years?

Since the games been out?

With Conquest Mode the chat should be like Messenger. 4th line bigger. its close around 50 words. Also its time to add a tag function.

by example : Maerique said to me when I am offline @Warriornator attack the one on the right

So when i connect to the game. I see a pop up in the chat. I click on it and see the message from Maerique

Some improve his needed for the chats. Its cool to always mention it. can be more cool if this can be done finally




Aye, I just wanted to make my own thread and then I found this one. Anyways, this is my suggestion:

Needed improvement for Conquest:  Let generals/leader make suggestions to players where to move. This should be visible to the player and all others.

Arrows showing the direction of the map would be great for that. Along with some kind of order (Wait, attack, defend, get troops). This is similar to the way we created graphics for our Discord to make strategy visible. Players would know what they have to do and why, even when logging in the game only occasionally.

It should be easier than having to use graphics tools and an external chat for this. Communication is an essential part of the game as Flare already said.
Give us proper tools to command the conquest!