Several improvements

  • adjust alliance message without deleting the whole text. Select where you want to type and ability to select part of the text. (like on ios)

  • make a filter in ranking, so we can search people easier. For example: ranking between 3.000 and 3.300 trophys, player level, alliance tower level, etc,

  • accept upgrades automatic, without the need to click on it.

  • make notification in alliance chat when a member upgraded a building, troops, etc to new level. for example: ‘‘Teazy-013’s castle gate has reached level 9’’ or “Teazy-013’’ arblaster has reached level 7”.

  • add private chat


All ideas are awesome except third one.

You know its kind a good feeling when you click on “collect upgrade” button.i kinda like it:)

  • About adjust alliance message is already talked about many times: it would be so easy implement it !

  • About second proposal is enough interesting, a filter could be added to do this thing;

  • Already started from me also but not full supported because then there is no the “emotion” to collect it;

  • About "make notification in alliance chat when a members upgraded a building, troops, and so on, you know what could happen in an alliance of maybe 40-50-60 players ? You will have dlin dlin dlin dlin of thousands of notifications that appear and i don’t think is needed this thing… totally useless i would say. You can ask at that player how is going its upgrade that is more fast…

  • Last private chat is i think, essential between leader and generals or also soldier and soldier and so on… =)

I would build 30 new barricades a minute just to be a **** >=D

1- I consider this one a priority for the next updates

2- Good idea, would be useful

3- I don’t like it, as upgrades will finish and collect alone I won’t remember what I just upgraded

4- Bad suggestion, we would be spammed with notifications about stuff we don’t care

5- Another priority for next updates

As an alternative for 4, perhaps leaders/generals should just be able to view the Upgrade History of any members they want?


I agree with this, we wouldn’t have spam then, you’d see the upgrades you want without receiving notifications. In this Upgrade History we should also see for how much time that player has been in our alliance and the last time they connected.