Severe issues even with the revised trophy system

I’m seriously losing my patience with Olympus Rising… I made a trial and not happy with the result!!!

This is what I did… I conquered all islands on my map and deployed defense fleets on all of them. Left my 6 heroes on valuable islands as well. That was 2 hours ago and my trophy count was 2124.

Two hours later I logged in and found that I lost 14 trophies. None of my defense fleets expired and noone have conquered any of my islands. It’s still a clean map.

Now what I find really stupid is that I now have a minus 14 handicap. And I have to wait until my fleets expire, so people start showing on my map and so that I can attack them. But as people start showing on my islands I will lose trophies. Let’s say I conquered them all but there’s no guarantee that I can restore back to the original trophy count of 2124.

So you can see, even if I conquer all islands and protect them with fleets my total trophy count will get eaten in small increments. How is this a fair scoring system? Flaregames fix the trophy scoring system or I will not spend any money for Olympus Rising!!!


As far as i know people can attack you regardless of the fleet deployed… 

You control the islands, but the game will randomly make an opponent appear on it (once the fleet expires)

That doesnt mean that he attacked and defeated your base.

To make it simple: getting defeated doesnt make you loose the island… You loose them  randomly… Thats why your trophies go up and down… 

Since the update, system is better. You still loose trophies everyday, but we can earn a lot more attacking… Not only +5 after 5 raids as we did before…


Vorterix you don’t seem to understand my issue…

I deployed fleets on all islands. That means no one will appear on my map that I can attack and earn trophies for 8 hours.

Let’s say I maintain fleet deploying at 8 hour intervals, so that no one ever appears on my map. No matter what I will lose trophies as you say, my problem is I will not be able to gain trophies because I can’t see an opponent on my map to atrack. Does that make sense?

I know what you meant… The downside of your strategy is that you wont see opponents for the duration of the fleet. And you wont get any offensive trophies :slightly_frowning_face:

And since you can still be raided by players, trophie loss is unavoidable… Unless you have a good defense… 

Why did you activate fleets on every island ? 

because the trophy system  ruined the game!!

With new update it seems that they went from one extreme to the other. Hardly any trophies are earned on defense and almost all of them are earned when attacking. 

With recent tower/troop nerf its now almost impossible to defend against gem user attacks. 

Pretty much got it in one Detri -


Hey Vorterix thanks for the feedback. Exactly why I did that experiment of deploying fleets on all islands. The point was to see how good my defense was. Apparently after spending good money and continuously upgrading towers, barriers, alongating the path, upgrading troops, upgrading wave numbers and levels, I still lose a serious amount of trophies.

I started the experiment with 2124 and concluded with 1920 trophies. So I lost about 200 trophies with the level of my defense. Ofcourse noone can continuously keep deploying fleets, there’s no point because you will never get opponents on your map that you can attack, thus no chance of obtaining offense trophies.

Many players who have spent decent amount of money are now pissed off. I see some huge players that have ended up with minus trophy count. Surely we will work out how best the new system works but Flaregames have already created a feeling of unfairness. Unfortunately they have stuffed it up.

Seriously spend a good amount of time grinding trophies yesterday and have well over 3000 which i was dead chuffed about. I knew this would happen though, popped myself off to Bed and woke up with the below: MINUS 250!!! All the work i did yesterday, all the grinding, all the spent gems (yes i spend some money on gems) wasted overnight, completely wasted, Minus 250 trophies… I’ll probably log back on to see I’ve lost another 44 or something. There are so many people losing high amounts of trophies its really off putting… -250… I mean come on! That’s on average now 25 battles a day to get back to where I was yesterday, not counting all the trophies I’ll lose in a day, honestly put it back to the way it was when your defense actually meant something… 


MpSumners Nice one ^^ I have lost more than 300 first day after update and keep losing them also now :wink:  But at least you got diams ,im getting only - trophies :wink:

What’s the point of making the random spawns take away trophies on unoccupied islands? My last spawn took away -15 trophies, and the reward for defeating him is 1 trophy.  In fact, defeating anyone of a lower trophy level is now just 1 trophy, so the only way to advance is to attack higher trophy level players, which of course requires invocations. Dear Staff: this kind of thinly veiled profiteering is a huge turn off. Players who don’t pay should have some role in this game if they are investing their time. It’s just not fun to play a game where the amount of money you spend is the ONLY available measure of your success. 


I try to get in top 10 world last night . And now, the new update take all trophies .


Revised trophie system failed because of a glitch granting crazy amount of trophies without breaking the enemy base.

Of course, many exploited this, advancing in the ladder at the expense of higher lvl players (They got the worst consecuences)

Lets wait for tomorrows update, and hope for the best… 

a positive note least you got 61 gems i got nothing on a 250 lost

In 3 days I have lost 650 + trophies. That means no gold for upgrades,plus I’m loosing trophies but have no on to kill to get back trophies or gold :wink:  For 3 days Im stuck with 6 guys sitting on my islands with full buffs and 10 lvl higher than me :wink:  And my gold income is ridicilous :wink:  40 k a night  and it doesnt matter that island could produce 100k ,because golden temple limit is 40k :wink:

Only thing I can say - Thanks for interesting first few gameplay weeks ,good luck and hope you won’t screw this game even more for other players!

Hello there,

We are aware of the issues which occurred over the weekend, and we had a second server update today to patch things up.

The game still being new, the balancing is not definitive, so issues might occur, but we are working on fixing them as soon as possible.

Please let us know if the latest server update helps.

Sorry for the troubles.

Explain how this is possible?

  1. If the island zavoevuyut several times, the character returns to the main island.
  2. For the victory gives 3 cups.

I again lifted the trophy 61, and the hero was not on the main island. So, I could not play repeatedly (see para. 1).
And even to play, I now we have 20 proevesti fights? This is unrealistic, cups reduced faster than I earn them. And it’s constantly so!

And this is the second day. Administration, look, please, can that my account is not so. Nickname MrSinner