Share Gold in RR2.

I would like to see a feature that allows you to share gold with other alliance members to help them build.

Would have to have some limitations such as the player can only receive a set amount based on alliance tower level. For example the amount of gold can be set at a rate that is ten times the amount that one can donate. 

By having it aattached to alliance tower level this would encourage players to develop higher level alliance towers which in turn may mean more real life purchases of gems for developers.

A win-win solution in my personal opinion. 

Flares will never implement this idea as it helps lower players build faster without paying gems 

In royal revolt 2 you have to suffer, if you don’t suffer it’s not rr2 anymore  :wink:

What is stopping members from opening their base, temporary leave to share some gold and after a few minutes return to their team? That way you still are able to share gold under members. It’s risky, since others also can raid you. And you lose trophies by doing so.

I agree with Karman, flare will never implement this idea.

Flare has implemented an algorithm, that may prevent this type of sharing (let’s call it “secure gold” in chamber). You may have let’s say 2m gold, but the other “sees” only 20k of it. From my experience it is better to have one (better two or three) high level constantly open bases. That way the lower level kings can get enough gold whenever they need it. No need to risk anything. You have the right setup for this with your two alliances: just get into the other alliance and open your base. And of course tell it to all the others in the open bases thread, so more can benefit from it :wink:

Yes you are right, they seem to have changed it with version 2.0. With the ping pong you described it should be easy to transfer large amounts of gold. With two or three high level open bases you also can get almost every amount of gold: the game generated gold not taken from your chamber is sufficient in that case. So a nice strategy would be to transfer a large amount of gold to a team member and then leave the base open for the others :slight_smile:

Btw. for me as level 87 right now it’s easy to get enough gold from “lucky finds” in the players list. But sometimes a fast target without searching comes in handy, too :wink:

I forgot to mention: the free legendary chests solve every gold problem you might have (they mainly contain gold and pearls). As a windows player you should experience this “soon” for yourself :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to it. Only for the pearls it’s interesting for me, gold I need a second plus third treasure room for to store it, it’s just too much right now that we can collect.


Are you sure disconnecting affects the gold loss? From my experience it seems like raiding actually resets it. I have seen it most of time when I have above 4-5m gold. The first attacker get 600k gold and the next attackers gets lower lower and lower golds. But after than when I raid just one time (even though I dnt recover the lost amount of gold say about 200k raided) I use to loss 600k in the first raid after disconnecting. So when I have too much money I don’t raid anyone unless I am sure I can get min of 1.5m in before I disconnects. That’s just my theory :slight_smile:

I am absolutely sure, but maybe we mean the same. When you disconnect and get raided with lots of unprotected gold, the first raid seems to be around 600k plus there seems to be a timer that calculates how long you are offline and how much gold can be lost max during the expired period of time. The x,1 and x,6M make perfect sense, you lose 600k during first raid and seem to lose the rest of it (in my case 12 hours) max during that time period. Of course there must be enough players raiding you.

So when you come online, don’t raid and go offline again you lose again 600k. Come online again and do the same, next raid again 600k lost (when you still have enough loot). So it’s better to come online only when you have time to raid or have a gold shield. Otherwhise you waste gold.


From my memory (i didn’t analyse in detail): Before version 2.0 only raids did reset the gold loss figures. So if you left unsecured gold, lost your max amount, and then connected again just to check your workers: then you didn’t lose more gold afterwards.

With version 2.0 the login itself sometimes triggered new losses, without doing any raids. So even if it’s hard: don’t login just to check something (only if you don’t mind your gold decreasing). Normally i don’t leave much gold, because i spend it fast … (only last weekend, when i melted items i had unsecured gold).

I had ~4.5m in chamber and after ~5 hours i had lost ~1.3m … (3 attacks).

That’s why I said it’s also related to period since last time being disconnected. My list is based on around 12 hours of disconnect. If you would have been offline for 12 hours, it’s going to be around 2,1M. Maybe handy if others who get enough raids on their bases share how much gold they had original, how long the disconnect period was and how much gold is gone. It would be interesting to get statistics that players can use. You can then determine if it’s worth the risk leaving your gold unprotected or not.

If you know you can easily get more gold when you logon, then it’s worth the risk. There is a major change however. When you know you will login after a few hours without the intention to fight, be aware that this raidless login can be very costly. We already know that the algorithm before 2.0 was different, they remembered the losses during a certain period of time, it didn’t matter if you reconnected and disconnected again.

Now that definitely matters. When you disconnect the algorithm is reset. First 100% raid (under conditions that hero levels are not far apart) will cost you 600k. So when you just login to refill silo or to do daily donation without intention to raid and compensate the gold just lost, be not surprised that you again lost gold a lot when you login again.

This is what flare calls players don’t lose more, in fact they definitely lose more. Players who connect and disconnect often will be punished for their non raids and lose a lot of extra gold in fact.

I used to refill my silo just before I went to sleep. with this information, I stop raiding when my silo is still full, unless it’s war season. Then I am prepared to pay the price (loss of gold) of that extra logon to refill my silo. To keep the loss to a minimum, I calculate how much time is needed to refill the silo, then I log in again and know that the gold lost between those two short period of times is the price that I pay for refilling the silo.

More reasons to play only when needed.  :grinning:

Sadly for the next 2,5 days i will need no gold :slightly_frowning_face: