Share items between alliance members.

I feel like alliances don’t serve a great enough purpose. Gold boosts, elite boosts, and chat, sure, but I don’t feel like there’s really a sense of /teamwork/ in alliances.

In addition to that, I have many unused items that I got a long time ago, but that are obsolete to me now. So here’s my suggestion. Let alliance members help each other by being able to give away unused items to their alliance members. This would help weaker players advance while making it important who all’s in your alliance.

However, we don’t want to start seeing Lv.17’s with Hero items; that would be ridiculous. So you may have to set a level limit on items. For example, you can’t wear Hero items before Lv.50, or something like that. You could even do a points system wherein each rarity of item costs a certain number of points to equip, and you gain points available with level. That would also make leveling more useful. However, it might be harder to program.

And if you want to put a /LOT/ of work into it, you could also make it so that, rather than just being able to recieve an item that another member doesn’t use anymore, you have to pay Flare a certain amount of gems for the transaction. This would keep it from cutting into Flare’s profit margins.

Either way, being able to send items to other alliance members would create a better sense of teamwork with alliances, and make it so that a player doesn’t constantly have to shift through Granny’s market looking for, say, purple boots that enhance speed; they can just ask a higher member for their old ones.

Personally I don’t think that sharing gears is a good idea especially not for alliance that have mostly player of same level (majority 80+ king) and items with more or less the same stats.Players also usually prefer to save their items in case of emergency need for gold.I have around 4m stored away in form unused hero gears atm.


But I do agree there need to be more purpose of being in an alliance , alliance war in 1.8.0 should add to that and hopefully in the future we will see more of feature for alliance like probably speed up upgrade time by few percent or alliance achievement that rewards the whole alliance (like average alliance trophy is 4k trophies , reward all member 50 gems)

Yea, while I admit that many a time I wanted to be able to share items, there is no denying that it would do more harm than good.Too much room for exploit. We already are seeing a major power gap in the players between the top 15 alliances who can keep max boosts on, and those below them trying to save gold for member slots that they will never max. Adding something like this would only increase the gap, and promote a system of success centered completely around who you know rather than your actual playing

@Condorda: Ah, you’re right. The current system allows you to successful on your own, whereas this would promote a sort of clique… Still, though, I want to be able to do something with my old items, and I want to be able to pick which items are available for sale •~•