Share items between alliance members

It’s not easy to get a good deal from Granny’s Market.


And I don’t think it’s fair to pay +300 gems on an item and receive only 200k gold when I sell it. =/


So why can’t we just share items in the alliance? Support each other =)




Items sharing would be limited by king’s level to prevent low level kings with super +100 level kings’ gears  :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, very interesting idea, also like you said Granny also after her wedding she don’t give us beautiful items… so might be a “trade center” in our Alliance so maybe a new building like a shop, where you can exchange your items just putting them into a screen, dragging them, so the other member will see what characteristcs have that specific item and so on !

However i like this idea, due to fact that most of our items are totally useless after a bit of “testing” because they become too weak, maybe after grew up of some king’s levels. So here the  trade get its part, trade give the opportunity to the player to see another way for his/her playlife to do new things ! Stop this boring playlife where there’s nothing to do but help each other to trade items, at least you’ll lose time trading things instead of waiting to finish an upgrade  :stuck_out_tongue:


This kind of new porspective may change the style also of the game, making it more active and busy, and not just “raid someone and then close the game” !

Also talking about the active and busy aspect, they could add a kind of reward (new quests) about this “trade-selling”: for example trade 50 items you’ll reward with 500.000 gold; trade 10 legendary items you’ll rewarded with 100 gems and so on; it would make the game more fun and frantic under some points of view:

  • By the moment there should be rewards, players continue to change, trade items, among alliance members;
  • More gold among players, so more gold to steal;
  • Quests have been always the a strength point where players rely their game, so why not add rewards also on this idea.

Of course this type of implementation for the game, i think it’s not easy to add, also would require sometimes to be completed, and maybe how many bug-fixing to do if someone lose a item during the trade? 

However don’t be pessimistic and have fun !

First idea will not be fair because say I have 3000 cups and have many epic items of different kinds and then I have a member in my alliance having 1000 cups and is using green backgrounds items.what if I give him my epic item,his health,leadership and attack will increase marginally and he will become able to attack those players bases which are quite tough and and it took months for that player to build his base.also you will not feel good when you see a 1000 trophy level players took trophies from you

  1. If you say this you don’t have a “sense of brotherhood” between you and your other members…(i’m not accusing) or if you don’t like it, don’t trade with him, if you don’t want that he/she becomes more powerful than you don’t trade with him/her

  2. The only things that you can’t change is the level king… by the way this is only an idea, there should be an implementation of some  requirements to “wear” some items, so nobody will become more powerful than other:

  • for example an item with an applied tag on it written: “Level 50-60”, so who is under or over that type of threshold level, can’t wear it. 
  • So also once you’ll buy an item from granny will be show the current level you are (for example: i go to granny an i’ll see an item with a tag “75-85”) meaning that you can wear it only if your king is among those levels. Of course granny will sell you always items that you can wear it, is up to you then decide with whom trade those items.

@opelle-just think before you speak and go find the difference between “brotherhood” and “playing a game in fair manner”.so if a player want to upgrade himself through his hard work then according to you it Is useless,give him all the items and upgrade him in one day!!!

Btw respect for me and for my players are the most important things in my alliance.we are working hard to upgrade ourselves by playing fairly and helping each other and this is the only way you can get honour and respect among fellow members.i feel proud that i created such an awesome alliance with hard working players,i am proud of them.shortcut will lead you nowhere.

I don’t understand why you’re heating up so much…if i wrote i’m not accusing there should be a reason ? or not? If you are opening a fighting, just close it immediately, forum isn’t a place to fight but to talk quietly among us…and you come here saying that…Remember that this topic is born into Suggestions & Improvements Sub-forum, so all kinds of suggestions are acceptable, this is why i also add to insert a requirements levels for items (following the request/idea of Darkerion) so nobody give items to low or high levels, because if i write at second points about requirements there should be, also there, a reason ? because we’re talking about an improvement for the game, right? and if you are not able to read all i wrote, it’s not my problem…

I do not doubt about your supremacy qualities, but what i wrote is because i extraplolated from your sentence:


a sense of selfishness and avarice when you talk about “i dont want to give items to another, so he becomes more stronger than me” (remember that we’re talking about trade items among alliance members and not among players to another players ! 


and before blame me…this is an idea about requirements, or isn’t it ? maybe so you don’t create sentences welded only on this useless things…

I was just giving an example but you totally misinterpreted it.look I just want a suitable enemy in my trophy range to attack on me,that’s all just think how would you feel if some player from other alliance having 1500 trophies took cups from you just because he was wearing epic items.

That was just my opinion…no hard feelings bro:)

I don’t think Flare would allow us to gift items, because that would lose them money. However, it would be interesting if they would allow Grannyto beome a consignment store where we can sell stuff back to Granny for the awful exchange (use 400 gems, sell for 200 gold) and then when someone else buys it we get 10, 20 or 50 percent of the sale – whatever is fair.


I’d also like to be able to sell back towers like we can sell back items.  My storage is clogged with towers I don’t want or need, but spent millions on.  Would be nice to be able to recover some of that.

I agree on this

Sorry wrong quote…i mean the first comment on rock