Share Your Strategy O' Mighty Kings and Queens

Greetings STRONG KINGS and QUEENS!! I am still a weak, building player and I thought maybe, I could use some of your suggestions and your regular strategies to reshape my offense and defense styles…

It would be helpful if you tell me the way you raid bases and keep your base from getting raid…

  1. Offense Style
    a. Troops Used and Why?
    b. Spells Used and Why?
    c. Hero Gears Special Attributes to keep in mind
    d. Pal Used (mostly) and Why?
    e. Guardian Used (mostly) and Why?

  2. Defense Style
    a. Path Shape
    b. Beast Used
    c. Strongest Towers and traps to have in the path
    d. Defense Wave Units

  3. Combinations
    a. Deadly Spell Combos
    b. Tower Combos
    c. Unit Combos

Thanks in advance… Share your strategies and help the weak players grow… :smile::smile::smile:

Are you free player or not?

free? as if?

I don’t pay real money, if that’s what you mean…

I noticed you donate 250k daily gold. At first, you should maximize alliance tower, all conquest buildings and unlock all blacksmith slots. Your first priority is to gain as many gems as possible.
When I started playing this game, there weren’t pals, beasts, guardians, pro league, conquest, tokens, etc…
There are many ways to gain gems.

  1. Win leagues: I suggest to use food gear and medal gear (if you play platinum league, I recommand to boost farms and to use food token, medal token and voucher to fill sylos).
  2. Play ninja/zombie/yeti events.
  3. Play war seasons and conquest events: I noticed you are at level 97, so I suggest to use xp gear to level up quickly until you will reach level 105, then I recommend to buy unique super items or pro items with skull gear and to forge them.
  4. Drop your trophies after the start of a ninja event, so more opponents will spend more gems using scrolls and revives (remember to increase your trophies just before the following ninja event).
  5. You have to improve your offense (to make easier point “1”) and your defense (to make easier point “4”). To improve your offense, I suggest to maximize and later to forge as much as possible all units and all spells. To improve your defense, I suggest to maximize and later to forge as much as possible all towers, all obstacles and all waves (it’s not possible to forge waves). Food token, upgrade token, gold token, Kaiser beast, Kaiser pal, food gear and gold gear are recommended for upgrades (remember to boost farms, taverns and upgrades too). Hans beast, Hans pal and luck gear are recommended to gain pearls for the forgings (remember to boost blacksmith and taverns too).
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  1. Do not buy pro tickets and do not use scrolls and revives if you have to save gems.
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I don’t understand how this works… Why would I want to lose the trophies I worked so hard on? How would I again gain just as much trophies as I have now? It’s real tough for me to gain trophies… I have to fight players much stronger than me to gain just about 5-6 trophies… It takes more than a week to get to the trophy level I am at… I had once fallen from trophy level 2502 to 1800, and it took me about a week to cover my loss…

I have witnessed many players losing trophies intentionally, and I still don’t understand why??? If it’s some kind of bait for weak players, does it work? Because I, before attacking anyone, check their hero level and attack only if he/she is around my hero level (plus/minus 5 level)… Even if I lose trophy, no weak player would want to attack me by looking at my hero lvl (and even if they do, my defense is too weak, they will easily beat me)…

Explain me how losing trophy will work/help…

  1. I suggest to attack players who aren’t in alliances to cover trophy loss quickly.
  2. Players at 1800 trophies are usually weaker than players at 2500 trophies, and due to this reason, they will fail more battles and will use more scrolls and revives while they will attack your base, so you will gain more gems.
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All of those are related to each other and depend on what’s your level and what alliance boosts are available.
You can mostly go 2 ways:

  • play with a small army (mostly offensive spells, high damage pal)
  • play with a big army (defensive+offensive spells, troop based pal - like Ceres, Aska, Nemesis).

Since you’re low lvl and probably in a low lvl alliance without some boosts, I would advise you to focus on playing with a small army.
Swordrain, bladestorm and hammerstrike is a good combo.
Fritz, Nemesis or Kaiser.
Heal ring
Donkey, Trusty, Sultan, Advisor (any of them work really)
And just go for it. It’s the most fun way to play for me and it’s effective in the endgame too.

Use archers and gargoyles if you got those boosts.
Mummies can be useful too.

You’re too low level. Don’t worry about defense.
Just accept that people are going to beat your defense most of the time.
Focus on always keeping a wave upgrading. That should always be the number 1 priority for your gold.


And remember to boost waves’ upgrades and to use upgrade tokens to your waves, otherwise you would take >2 years, considering you are a free player.

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Get kingpea1st as your friend. He will tell ypu how to grow. He made me to grow very soon…

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And probably gt some lost sheep friends who are ready to give time to you.

I don’t Understand… lost sheep friend?

The Lost Sheep
It is my alliance… my general friends give time to me and advise me so wisely that I am growing so fastly. It have became my favourite alliance forever.
I was called a jumper for my strict choice of alliances… I needed everything perfect. My maximum stay was 23 days before… Now, in Lost Sheep, it is about 64 days now…

Now, I do everything asking them first!

See the difference… we both have similar stats… same level, same donation but a high difference in trophies. You are 2350 now and I am a 3k player… just got dropped because I was on vacation…
Thats the difference… I am on ogres level 7 dungeon now, and you probably dont have even 6. I hope, you will like their advice. If you want to know, their old advices soon as possible, get me friended in the game. IGN: King Aditya Kumar

true… Wow, good for you, lvl 7 ogers… Yeah, I have only lvl 5 ogers… Yes, I need advice and learn tricks… However, I can’t and won’t change alliance (this, you should know)… I need all the tricks you have… :smile::smile::smile:
I would appreciate key points…

Never said, you need to change the alliance… just get us friended… thats it…

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Okay, do you mean to say that if a player spends gems to beat your base you gain gems?

of course… You gain little gems… If the attacker is using revive for 32 gems, then you receive about 3 gems… If the attacker uses scrolls in your base, you receive little gems…

For example, look at the picture below…

when that player used 1x revive and 1x blessing in my base, I gained 4 gems…

Not about, it depends on the enemy. If a low level enemy is attacking you, and use 2 revives, 2 gems for you…
and if a high level enemy is attacking you, then, you will get 5+ gems per revive.
Thats my experience

All I am saying is, if revive/scroll is used, little gem is gained… Yes, it varies according to the level of the attacker and other factors…

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