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    I was thinking if I should post or not what I’m just about to say.In the end I went ahead with it.  ​Recently the war season has ended in a total disaster with this new update and skulls free of charge from the fortune chamber.Add to this the looser bonus and voila you have the hole picture.    So lets get started.   Firstly with this looser bonus teams at the top are complete unbalanced on their fight.Why? because if 2 good teams are trying to knock each other out  ,and they are almost equal on day 2 fighting the looser is pointless .That 2 percent it will kill you .Add to this fight the new free skulls bonus in which cases I saw 200 skulls (just crazy!!!) and you have a winner.  And as this is not enough some team decided to CHEAT.This time by sharing same account to other few players.So to name the team Immortal Legends ,hes top players found the weakness again to RR2 and exploited.So they made their champions real Immortal.This is a cheat beyond any imagination under the eye of Flare which should get banned those accounts effective immediately.  So if is not a cheat engine is a cheat by sharing same account to several players .This just make me sick.   So my question to Flare developers is in those conditions where pay to win is more than ever present and the security of the game is continually abused and exploited by some maniacs what is left for the honest players?   Shall we all start sharing some account in order to win a war with a high KING?   Just remember a while ago when we all complained about a KING which was on line all the time and was the best player in the game.Being online no one could attack him.The answer from the developer was that he checked and was nothing wrong with that king.So the man was online 24 hour/day 7 days a week.__ There is your answer THE ACCOUNT WAS SHARED WITH MANY PLAYERS. in the same way Immortal Legends did vs Apocalypse.And this is wrong very wrong. Not sure I want to play this anymore.

Can I have your account if you leave?

Sure free of charge

True, I’ve never thought about it this way. Champion account, share it with many people, make sure account has many gems and you can get unlimited skulls. Lol, these Alliance Wars are ridiculous. I will repeat it every time I comment about it. This is another reason why developers should change the system into no grinding one. Alliance wars shouldn’t be about who can get more skulls and who can spend more money and who can spend more time on non stop playing.


Post of the year.

Basically, I agree with what has been said above about wars being ridiculous now, and also some potentially unfair things happening. 


Though, just saying, I remember when people complained about SK, RL, NATO, Apo making a faction, and their reply was “well, flare didn’t forbid it explicitely, so it’s just valid use of the game mechanics provided by flare, and after all, in war everything is fair anyway, it’s just clever and nothing wrong with it”…

Now, maybe your opinions changed concerning that, maybe not, but after all, people sharing accounts has been known before this last war season already (also e.g. for some diamond league records), and flare didn’t forbid it, and they provided the mechanics for it, so basically, what IL did their with sharing accounts for higher war scores is perfectly fine according to your own faction’s logic, (and also according to flare’s previous mindset of “if we don’t forbid sth explicitely, it isn’t forbidden implicitely either” e.g. trophy stripping/dumping, ploughing (before they finally forbidded it), factioning, …). 


Don’t hate me now, just saying! :lol:

I remember, on the last game I played (card game), we’d all chip in to make the account super strong (spent $300+ for units that did 20x damage), and then we’d all use it to finish our bosses for us. Kinda the same deal here, it sounds like. “Hey, let’s all invest time and gems into the strongest king (Lv.120) and breeze through the enemies like they’re nothing! =D” If the community is ok with it, I’d like to join~ ^ω^

Why we need anymore silly people investing in single accounts? Actually Lets share few accounts and that it…Man it really went out of control.And Flare cant verify this sharing account system as they actually said it to us .So who wants to share one account …free to do it . You dont need to build anymore towers or some sort. 1 king operated by 60 people))) That should be fun.

Hey guys n girls :slight_smile:


We read your concerns and will take them in consideration for the further development of the game.

Also, please be assured we do as much as we can to prevent any abuse.


Thank you for your understanding!

Interesting enough that you guys never asked yourself a simple question. OK you don’t have the tools to prevent this shared account thing.But you surely can give a signal first to the ones does share the account  by blocking the king for 24 hours at first and later if the player still wants to share hes account for good.

  The question you should ask yourself is how come a king can make over 1000+ skulls in less than 10 minutes ? That is impossible even with the chests,even a champion.There is no time for such an achievement.The ride +the chests takes more than 2 min 40 sec.So start from here with your questions if you really want to sort things out and not let them go out of control.Because if you don’t do it so Apocalypse will do exactly the same thing like others in order to have a fare fight.

  So you either take charge of this problem or either you forcing us to do the same thing.And like us everyone will start doing it because you didn’t bother to protect your game.

This is what I mean Flare



A lot of people have more than one device they want to play on. They need to be able to transfer the account. Especially if you are not playing on Android or using things like iCloud. But as we have been aware that the account transfer issue could be exploited, we limited the possibility to transfer a single account to 2 times in 28 days. So if they are using this feature at all for sharing an account, they can only transfer it once back and force in this timeframe. That is all they can do with this feature. So do not blame this feature.


What they can do, they can share their Google accounts, their iCloud accounts or their OneDrive account. If they are so crazy to do this at all. They can also share their device if their are living close by. So there is nothing we can do about this, never ever.


Re the picture, there is also a possibility that these are just screenshots.


Hope that explains.




Ok, but I assume sharing an account to make an insane league record, be online all the time or get insane amount of skulls during AWs as a champion isn’t what this game should be about. Alliance War system needs to be changed, otherwise, soon we all will champion an account and share it among many people, as long as these wars are about grinding there will be such issues.

There are coming some changes within the next update, that will deal with the grinding issue.  


Removing skulls gains from chests will deal with it more effectively, alliances will always grid for a win … but grinding and opening chests for a bonus is making the game blatant pay to win.


Can you enlighten us on what changes you may put in place Pete, as currently we are finding more and more high level guys becoming disillusioned with the current situation and leaving or selling their accounts on.

Thanks Pete, That’s a good news… :slight_smile:

Could you please detail a bit more this point? Grinding is what makes war exciting. Paying for winning is what makes leave most senior player from the game (skulls in chest). And loser bonus is another point which makes war particularly uninteresting… As highlighted previously, there is no point to fight an equal strong alliance when one of the 2 alliances suffer an “handicap”…

This is actually what makes people quit…

i share my account also, this i think not very clever and strategy.why you complain?beacuse losing???my alliance friend now cannot become online all time because new upgrade cannot online all time, is iran i think now account share is no problem.if make champion can win many skulls so why???still use many diamond n time n energy cheating.this not like heroesflorian say,when apocaplse do or sk realm do, all is okey not wrong.even if complain also okey because not wrong by flaregames say losing so say all wrong???if not happy losing dont play.cannot only win all time.sometime losing is fair.apocalpse can do also why not do???just go support team and say sharing account.