Sheild or Heal ?

i want to ask simple question which is better shield or heal ?

Most players would say shield. I vote neither :wink:

Both :slight_smile:


Shield is an instant spell, meaning the shield immediately surrounds he troops within range. The shield is also staying on the troops plus hero untill it’s destroyed. So you don’t have to activate shield as long as troops/hero are still protected.


Heal however is a spell that lasts for a small period of time when activated. All troops plus hero in range during that period are healed during the time the spell lasts. Life points lost will be somewhat or fully restored during this period, they aren’t restored at once.


Shield protects troops and hero losing health points, heal restores lost heal points. When a troop has full life points, it will not have any advantage from the heal spell. But with shield more damage can be done before a troop dies. Since dead troops can’t be healed and since shield makes sure troops live longer, I would say, if you have to chose, pick shield.

Shield, definitely.

For more info about both spells, check out some other threads that discuss the same topic, e.g. this one:

I wish heal spell healed the hero…

Hero gets back some life points from heal, but shield is definitely best choice.

Heal spell actually DOES heal the hero (and besides, cure him from poison/fire damage-over-time effects), afaik.

Given the amount of health for the king, and the amount of his regular regeneration, and the amount of damage being done to him, though, it may be hard to notice the heal spell’s healing effect if your healing spell level is relatively low. 


E.g. with king having 10k health and being under heavy fire, receiving 3k damage per second, it may be hard to notice the effect of a lvl 1 heal spell increasing health by 0.4k per second, because the total health change per second in that situation would still be -2.6k damage per second, or about 25% of his health bar. Nonetheless, after 3 seconds, you would see a difference - 10% health remaining with only the damage, or 25% remaining with damage being dealt and the heal spell being active, just during a regular raid you probably won’t try to exactly replicate the damage setting twice. 

I use shield mainly because using it efficiently is way more easier than heal!

For heal, u hv to wait for the damage. That simply reduces the no of times it can be cast effectively.

Sometimes ur hero is damaged but troops r fresh, sometimes it’s the other way round, which reduces its efficiency.

Heal is also weaker against a troop of gargoyals which supposedly has just arrived after u used ur instant damage spell. Shield might just be the saving grace.

Heal can actually be depressing in a tight raid because u hv one more thing to concentrate on. Shield requires much less expertise. And as it happens most often, ur hero nd troops use up the shield by the time it is available again, it is rather hard to misuse it. So almost always it is going to add to ur nd troops hitpoints.

Though I think that shield/heal combo can be quite useful in adjacent lane bases to give ur cannons a chance to deal with highly dangerous skull towers, which BTW seem to hv longer range than the listed 5.5.

Use both I can go through any base and win just because my troops never die, level 4 health and level 2 shield stun help a lot too

Shield+Heal+Holy Paladin+Turbo Paladin = Immortal Army


Any base??


Any base for me too using heal shield blizzard tho not 10/10 , maybe 6 out of 10 attack is a scroll free.

Fii, what lvl are you? 6/10 scroll free is really, really bad. Ever since i started to play this game last year (lvl94 now) I have only use scroll if I accidentally press it. I feel bad than for spending gems :slight_smile:

Heal is for Kings who love to rush ahead ‘Like A Boss’, neglecting most of his troops.

(Heal provides more survivability to the King compared to Shield, but it is inferior to Shields at keeping Troops alive)


Shield is for Kings who likes to ‘Protect Troops’, by constantly shielding his troops and move forwards with his troops.

(Shield provides more survivability to Troops compared to Heal, but it is inferior to Heal at keeping the King alive)

The power of heal is its duration, effect and range. Because it has a long durstion and range you can run ahaed a path to heal more troops than one shield cast can.

Depends on the troops and your guild boosts.

Boosted knights and heal or shield work really well. Probably lean toward heal as your hero will likely be traveling with your zerglings in this setup.

Otherwise I would ditch both and go blizzard or another offensive spell if you use cannons and other ranged troops. Ranged troops tend to stop and bunch up too much and your hero needs to pave the way or you run out of time.