Shield buff

I want to start use shield spell only Problam is that it Really doesnt really usefull in high lvl base, how much is max shield?

Any way u gone buff it in next update?


It’s 1521 at Level 7 (Max) and I agree it’s ridiculously low. I guess for it to be viable it needs to be just below heal, but then give some benefits against certain types of damage like piercing and/or blunt.


I have been using shield for some months and I was able to raid 3.8-3.9 trophies bases at maximum. 


I had of course to switch to heal but I would not mind going back to shield if it gets buffed properly.

please add some damage in shield… like when, the shield get broken near to enemies it will cost damage

Thanks for your feedback regarding the shield spell being to weak. I will pass this on.

Comparison shield/heal:

Heal: more hitpoints than shield (also, as heal is an over-time spell, is the displayed heal amount actually total or per-second? in the latter case, difference to shield would be even bigger)

Heal: lasts several seconds, thus can reach more troops with it

Heal: available earlier, thus easier and cheaper to start off with

Heal: removes DOT effects like poison and fire

Shield: can be cast (once) in advance, i.e. before being injured, as the shield health stays until destroyed

All in all, heal just has a lot more advantages.

Options for buffing shield:

  1. Better base stats (e.g. more health, shorter cooldown).

  2. Grant total immunity for e.g. 2 seconds.

  3. Maybe some kind of damage reduction, e.g. damage below XY or XY% of all damage is blocked?

  4. Reflecting projectiles away.

  5. Dealing a (low) amount of damage.

I like the 2 second immunity bit (perhaps too long though, maybe just 1 second, let you avoid some nasty burst damage that might otherwise kill you)


Other ideas:

  • Hero always regenerates while having a shield active.  (Would add nice tactical gameplay to the shield, but is probably too powerful)
  • Damage absorbed by the shield does not interrupt regeneration or reset the regeneration timer.  This could let you regenerate even if you are forced to retreat into range of a firebolt tower.
  • Allow shield to stack so a unit that takes no damage between receiving shields might get double protection.  (Probably not enough of a boost as this would never benefit the hero).

I just started upgrading my sheild after I maxed the heal, bladestorm and sonicblast. Will try using it once I max it only.


Hero regeneration should be a must when under sheld. This was heal cures other troops while sheild only cures hero maintaining balance. Sheild is already costlier to upgrade compared to heal so if planning to add more levels, it would be very costly unless you reduce  the current levels price which would be unfair to those who already upgraded. Best is to Nerf the stats by like 50%. Should be like max sheild equal to max heal.


Also curious how shield works. Heal is per second stat so it has much better healing over 5sec.

I will definitely use shield if it is properly nerfed to counter snake towers.

Oh yes please give the Shield few more levels. Every time i use it in combination with the heal spell, I am sad because shield is in this fact too low.


I only wish upgrades up to Lv 12 with 4000 Shield points (relating to match from heal spell points Lv7 and Shield points Lv7 which are different between 500 - 700 points every upgrade)

hmm that would be good but i still think it needs to allow you to regenerate while its on and taking damage to compare to heal at all

In my opinion 4000 Shield points on max. LV are pretty good, because its seems to be used for more troops than only the hero. As example 16 knights with 4000 hit points every 14 seconds will absorb massive damage from enemy and give us time to regenerate hero hit points. At this time knights die on too much damage. With 4000 Shield points they will stand longer ingame on higher ranks.

hmm true but thats what 1 ogre swing lol my heal keeps alot of units alive too just think shield deserves something more like there has to be a reason to wait to get it compared to heal

We can use shield direct after beginning - after this point we run against other troops. While the Ogre hit our troops, the cooldown for a new shield is on half circle. When we freeze the Ogre, we have enough time to use Shield a second time. So we can set up new Shield and our Knights live 1 wave longer and get damage.


My hero will only loose the shield, when he get damage from max lv. ogre. Same with other troops for me. Maybe our troops will get 2 attacks from Ogre with 4000 hit points before shield falls.


EDIT: max lv. froster loose only half of shield after get hit from max lv. ogre. Seems to be the 75% resistance from froster.

Im thinking the best way to buff Shield spell would be to make it… Spell HP relitive to unit HP done  as a % (as opposed to an accross the board HP up like it is now).

In other words, your monsters and hero would get a bigger shield because the have bigger HP stats.

Shield would stay correct for diverse hero levels and units affected that way.



Nice idea. Sadly that Knights will be even unusable in rank 200 - 300. I think with 4000 HP we can push lower units for massive attacks and will make upgrades for Knight and Archer profitable even for higher ranks. Additional, that will be not to hard to script as a complete restructure from shield spell. What do you think about this “only“ HP-buff for mass spam?

Better IS Better. No argument there :slight_smile:


Shield spell was made to keep units already in the field alive slightly longer.

In RR 2, your hero is forsed to leave his troops on there own and press forward.

Maybe the buff is as simple as incresing the range?

Maybe Knights were born to die? lolz

a sorry i have overread the hole time, that you will put that bonus on top to the (example) 4000 points.


Because heal spell cures poison and fire damage, maybe a secondary effect for shield could be to reduce spike damage - an damage type which no item has as extra protect. The thing with the hero production is also a nice think what I’m thinking about in past.

shield needs a buff they tried being like oh heres 1 sec less cooldown and that simply not enough


as you said the frosters resistance carried over into the shield meaning its weaknesses do too? if so still isnt that great a help


as for percent based it would make using it with anything but monsters almost useless even at 10% the knight then only get 87 shield


it either needs a big change to the hp it offers or something like 25% resistance to all types of damage which is doing the exact same thing just in a round about way…


at the very least make it neutral so to all damages so weaknesses dont carry over

The problem at hand makes more sence to me now that uve done the math for me, TY

Hard to get perspective as my Shield currently a humble LV 4.

The spell ran like a top in RR 1 and it was a key element in my attacks. but thats apples and oranges.