Shield or heal spell?



I have couple of questions about these spells.


1-which one do you think is better to use? I am around 4400 trophies so my raids are tough


2-will the hp of the shield and of the heal be divided among the troops or each troop will get the full hp for example if the shield is 2517 hp defense will each troop get 2517 or the 2517 will be divided for the troops I have?



Hello Isa Al,


  1. I think a Flothaboss video can clear your problem :

  2. Every troops get the same hp when you use Heal Spell or Shield Spell, you can have 30 troops around you or 1 troop near you, but they will restore every time the same HP.

I checked the video but wanted to make sure from the players like it’s advantages and disadvantages in the tough battles or if they have any other advice


and it’s really cool to have the effect of the spell on each troop completely. Thanks Pyromancer :wink:

Check the video of doinnovation raiding master e and Mr use base scroll free…he used the sheild spell efficiently in the battle…

depending on your shield and your HP also your leadership , you would need shield spell if these stats are high/decent


Personally , when raiding tough bases/boosted bases you need shield more than heal

just use whichever you feel most comfortable with


everyone seems to be bothered by the seemingly cookie cutter qualities of this game


and its discussions like these that lead to that. every raid is going to be different so just use what you use best

any one can plz post link…for use of shield spell.

like the one dinnovation raiding master e.


to answer this question, first question is do you max out both heal and shield spell. 

If you hvnet yet max them out, just use the one with higher protection. 


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I used Shield + Heal before buff and nerf comes. Now I see more and more players using Shield. When you play with Shield + Heal you could run out of time, if your troops get destroyed at some point. When you can hold the units on life it is a save area to arrive the path to castle gate as long as time will let you. It is very hard to knock down a Shield + Heal-King.




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I guess with the recent addition of 2 additional levels to shield with no increase to heal, the tide has definitely turned in favor of shield. Max shield will outvalue max heal by far now, I think. 


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better spell comes with higher price 

Hi guys,


If you compare Shield and Heal max level, at the moment Shield is much better than Heal.

Shield level 11 = adds 4’063 protection and 13 sec cooldown with 5,5 range.

Heal level 12 = adds 3’277 HP and 15 sec cooldown with 5,5 range.


So range is the same, but “HP protection” and cooldown is better if you use Shield.



NEXT UPDATE : heal +1 lvl 


Two more advantages of shield over heal: 

  1. Shield is one-shot full protection, while heal is over-time, so shield is easier / more efficiently usable.

  2. Shield can be cast in advance, while heal only has effect on units that are already injured but still alive. 

anothe advantages is…

when yr hero has shield on itself and getting damage yrr hero health can regenerate as yr main health is nt affected…

I didn’t notice that, will HP generate with shield even getting damage?

It is the same like without shield, Stawhat. I think 4k Shield will be enough. ^^


I used shield over Heal also before the 2 new levels so even Heal will (?) give more hp than shield… the last one will always be better cause it’s istant, it gives more survavibilty of hero and troops than heal.

Io oggi penso sia migliore shield