Shield Tower and/or Healing Tower!

I’d love to see a shield and healing tower!  They would have no damage.  And they would sit back from the lane like Firebolt Towers (so they are harder to attack / plus they have no attack so there’s no reason for them to be in the lane).  And all these towers would do is generate a shield or healing energy for your other towers or units!

Intersting idea, but I’m afraid that paladins and ogre would be gods.

And if we add to these 2 new towers you suggested: Frenzy Frost Blaster + Holy Paladin + Healer Tower that heals itself and nearby troops/towers we have a “cheated raid” since you take 10min to take down a single thing because it’s always protected or healed by other things (towers & units) continuously.

P.S.: I don’t know the recharge of those towers but i don’t think they act only 1 time otherwise could be a useless placement of tower.


Then if they are harder to attack like Firebolt Tower (because your sword can’t attack directly it) i see a difficult raid even more, something like "i can’t use mine touch & go spells because if 1 die then everything around is super healed and protected if you have a frenzy frost blaster near or something else.


Another problem occurs: time is crucial and if i imagine tons of those towers plus the combo i mentioned before of troops, i don’t know if you’ll arrive in time destroying everything and castle gate.

It would obviously require balancing. 

But also remember the more healing and shield you have the less damage you are dishing out because none of the towers are actually hurting your enemies.

I just had to bring this back up today.  Since I posted this they kind of did the Healing Tower with the Boost.

But I’d like a Shield Tower that was just dedicated as a Shield Tower.

Or if they have to stick with the boosts it would be awesome to have a Shield Boost for the Lightning Tower.  (Kind of makes sense Electra-Magnetic Shield.)

A shield for Lightning Tower sounds good for a future war boost. I’d not like a Heal Tower because monks are healing enough, I don’t think those towers would be useful for these reasons;

1- We have already seen healing Arrow Towers as war boosts and they’re not that great. A Heal Tower could be similar but without shooting arrows.

2- A tower that heals eacn certain amount of time (just like monks) would be bad, because at least monks move and stay with your units to heal them. Towers can’t move so they’d only heal whatever is lucky enough to be near them when it’s the time to heal.

3- The healing after death effect would be bad, because it’s like using no tower, they only heal after being destroyed, so if you never hurt them all it’s ok (even when you get a lower raiding percetage)

I’m still with the opinion that the heal tower is not needed for now, we have already a monk who for free (an alternative of frenzy frost blaster) heals everything around.

A shielded tempest tower or shielded lightning tower might be interesting but i’m worried then if we can destroy them easily and if they will really help us for our defense? Surely a shielded lightning tower will be able to use all its charges effectively but already a full maxed boost maxed tempest tower if well placed can almost run out its charges thanks to its high health, so maybe the shield war boost can become useless.

So i don’t know…

I agree with what everybody’s saying.  Like I said:


But a shield tower is new and very cool.  I think a cool implementation to the shield tower would be to make it weak to projectile so Ogres and Monks had to destroy it.