Short update on the patch notes from yesterday (version 4.1) - Basilisk Towers at the gate

Your Royal Highnesses,

One fellow knight in our troops forgot to inform me about one last change that we have implemented with version 4.1.

It is as of now that basilisk towers will not hide at the gate anymore. We implemented this change based on community feedback and hope this will make it more pleasant for you Royal Highnesses to conquer other kingdoms.

We will make sure to punish this fellow knight with 1 hour in the dungeons.


You better punish him with 1 maxed Phoebe Dungeon! ahahaha

Okay now seriously: Thanks a lot for this change, it’s really welcome

Glad to know you guys are listening more and more to us :slight_smile:

Are there any plans for a solution regarding the gate towers problem as a whole?

In my opinion all the other gate towers seem okay to deal with, it’s just the basilisk towers that have been annoying.

Will we find a “fellow knight” in our dungeon for 1 hour? Couldn’t find him yet… ? ?

Would be great to have a new unit in the dungeon! ?

yes good but update didn’t came in windows yet

Of all the problems with RR2, Basilik towers at the gate are not an important issue yet alone any issue at all. I don’t have any problems with them being placed there and I would suggest that some of the whingers work out a strategy that works.

Can we please fix the real issues with this game!

Question about gate towers. Just tested some bases. They had two towers at the gate. I didn’t destroy any of them. Usually I would get 98%, but in that case, I always get 99%. Why is it like that? That’s new. You guys didn’t mention anything

Another thing. I have tested the same on an open base. Only 1 tower. I left that one, usually I would get 99%, but I only got 88%. Before the update it was 99%. Another open base. 6 gate towers, left all towers, only got 75%. I didn’t read anything about that in the update

Can you explain this?  If it stays like that, we’ll see a bunch of open bases again, with 6 gate towers, to minimize the trophy loss. Even when you miss one tower, you’ll lose trophies then

It’s not new. I’ve noticed the same in some bases since a couple months ago. I commented on it in the alliance chat and more clan members confirmed it was happening to them as well.

I’ve seen 2 gate towers up = 99%, or even 3-4 gate towers up = 98%.

I don’t know the criteria for this. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it’s still the usual 1% for each gate tower up.



Here’s a video I made from early July where you can see this happening.

2 gate towers up = 99%.

Today’s the first time that it happened to me. But the open base thing clearly shows that something has changed