Shortcomings in the War System


So, Wars have been something which have been criticized by many for various reasons. So the Poll above says it all, and we need to identify what’s wrong with it before we jump on asking for a change. :grinning:  


As a solution, I’d like a new design of maps as well.

With our current design, you can either be stuck on a side with a stronger alliance than you, or when you’re in the middle be attacked by 3 alliances at one( so 4 fiefdoms to fight for) just because they may also be stuck on a side or for whatever reason and he.ce have only you to attack.

A sphere design haq already be proposed, and it could solve most of these problems :

-No possibility of being stuck (no edge of map)

  • Alliance has always 3 or 4 possibilities of attacking, it would reduce the 4 fiefdoms at once problem.

Also this design would need a bit proe aliances on the map, so you don’t fight the same alliance during the whole war



I still feel pushing the boosts out into a sub event is the best option.

Wars to me should be fought with nearly all  the twists and turns left in place.

Its about bragging rights and great booty for those that do.

Unless you make wars about who is the best alliance and a rating system its really not about your alliance but just a sham for other goodies.

Sure have good rewards like ninja for those who do well and a decent chests and coin for individual effort.

Then… alliances who particate in wars gain access to the boost event.

Then how important is a bad matchup?

Everyone keeps saying they just want it so they have a reasonable opportunity ? Well they are talking about boosts, nothing else honestly.




I think a lot have issues with the time it takes. I think time should be by it self. I’m not knocking you poll. Glad you made it!!


You didn’t add reduction in battles per front 


I assumed that it would be incl. in shorter format -> less battles/less days :slight_smile:  


Oops lol



You’re giving Flare to much


So far only 2 people have issues with the amount of battles in war.


Make it +1


I think “unfair matchup” is a bit of a red herring, everyone has to face someone, and not everyone can come first, the issue is that there is no tiered reward system for coming 4th-6th that would make those maps worth fighting (e.g. 1 war boost for 6th, to 6 war boosts for 1st).

The lag between wars also makes it difficult, it’s now nearly a month to regain a boost if it’s lost.


I think less battles per day is different to shorter format.

A 5 day war is probably about right, however, 10 battles per fief is too many, 8 is probably a better amount (with 10 for the occasional war).  Also reduce champions to 8 extra battles.

If there was a “less battles per fief” option, I’d have ticked it.


Also, all battles should start at the same time, have a “declaring window” and then start the battles all at once, take away the fastest finger to optimise LB nonsense.


What about this solution regarding the war:

Map design & strategy
-    Every alliance has only 1 fiefdom
-    The same alliance fiefdom can be attacked by the others alliances, but max 2 times.
-    All alliaces fight in all wars of the season , even if they loose all battles.
-    The loser bonus should be use only when you fight with the same alliance witch you optained that bonus (if alliance “A” is attacked by alliance “B” and “C” and loses the fights they will obtain, let say 1,2 % and 0,9% loser bonus. If they attack or are attacked again by alliance “A” the bonus will be  1,2%, by alliance “B” bonus will be 0,9% and by alliance “C”  0%)
-    the final ranking will be according to the number of wins, in case of tie breaker will be based on direct matches. The nr of wins will represent the fiefdom that you win in that season.
War alliances choice 

  • For each player FG should create a score depending on the towers and the army they have on the map :
    As an example:
    Lighting Tower level 1 = 100 Points
    Lighting Tower max level= 1000 Points
    Level 1 Ogre = 100 Points
    Max level Ogre= 500 Points
    -    After war season start , anyone not able to edit the map and waves (only can reposition existing towers and waves) . FG should  announce this the same way as they do  when is maintenance.
  • In this way all alliances will have a score and FG can choose the 5 alliances that will participate in the war according to that score (Same they do with ninja event)

My problems for war are that they provide same boost on winning war , they give one very powerful alliance which is unbeatable. changes i need are - provide different boost after winning the wars & wars should occur on gap of 15 days which runs for 4 days. and also renew the war concept because its too boring after playing 10-12 war season so change war concept after every 10-15 war seasons.


Yeah , it will be nice

Also With some good rewards, so More interest Starts to play war for all players…


The system encourages leechers. Not fighting in war, but getting all boosts.

Could be done like ninja alliance rewards: Who is in the alliance at the end of the war
and fought enough during war (has to be defined, e.g. by number of raids and skulls),
gets the rewarded boosts on a players level. Only stored as a yes/no flag in addition to
the boost activation in the alliance itself (as it is today, including being able to prolog it).
The player flags are reset at the time of max prolonging possibility of the boost.

So the condition for a particular player having a certain boost “B” would be: is the boost
“B” active in the alliance and the player has earned “B” during last war: activate “B” for
him. In all other cases he doesn’t have the boost for offense and defense.

E.g. a player has earned a boost in one alliance, but moves to another alliance without
the boost: he doesn’t get it. A player not having earned the boost would never get it in any



The number of fights has to be equal for all. Now it is easily possible to have 5 fights for one alliance
and 15 for another. The first alliance has no chance of getting uber chests, having done nothing wrong.

Could be solved e.g. by a league system.



Also give some individual rewards who score 

Or give some awesome chests uber from 25000 skulls…


Occasionally, I would like to see limitless battles again too.  Limiting is a pay to win convenience change which benefits paid players the most.  I’m not suggesting every war, but it would be nice to see the old format once in a blue moon.