Shorten upgrade time

There is NO option to shorten the upgrade time by watching videos from the “Current Upgrades” screen the only option is to spend Gems to finish the upgrade. @Aether There should also be an option to watch videos from this screen.

Note: The “Current Upgrades” screen is the button with the 3 Blue Arrows just above the shop in lower LH corner.

To be able to watch a video to shorten an upgrade one must click directly on the upgrading Tower, Building or obstacles, To watch videos for upgrading Spells & Troops open the Troop Academy or the Wizards Tower to access these upgrades.

Don’t be too lazy, can’t you be thankful that Flare give the feature to shorten the upgrade already?

I am

@caki don’t get me wrong I am thankful for the update and the purpose of my thread is to warn others that there is no option to watch videos to shorten upgrade times when using the “Current Upgrades” screen which inadvertently cost me 200 + gems when I clicked on the “Finish Upgrade” button as I was expecting to have the same choice of watching a video or using gems when directly clicking on an upgrading Tower / Spell /Building or Troop.

This would be an easy fix to add the video option to the “Finish Upgrade” button on the “Current Upgrades” screen and is also a more user friendly approach.