Shorter duration of the Shaman Cup?

The Shaman Cup and the Boosts for the Pro-League are showing a duration of 4d 2h as of now, not 6d 2h as it should.

That would mean PL running till Tuesday, not Thursday. What is up here? Bug?
Do we have to hurry to take advantage of the PL-Boosts? :wink:

Okay, there now is more Information on this subject in this Thread, which was taken a bit Off Topic.


This is not only for the Shaman Cup. It will happen for all Cups. So everyone is aware of it.

The new time frame is : from Friday 9.00 UTC - Tuesday 12.00 UTC. Late-Joiner period ends Monday 18.00 UTC

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Ok then there will be gap for 3 days between every pro leagueS?? monthly league will comprise of 4  weekly leagues ryt?? Or it will be more ??  :unsure:

Finally PL is shorter. Took ages to finish. Obviously shorter means more in the month so more tickets used which means more buying for gems… more gems more money spent… clever thinking flare …lol

Maybe they needed the free days for more maintenance or (hopefully) some new kind of event inbetween.

Having more PLs in one month would be too much, IMO.

Clearly meantioned every PL will start on friday so it means the No. Of PL isn’t going to increase. They may insert new kind of event in between as @MagischerKoenig sauggested above. 

Still, for me as a leader, wars can be very time consuming and it is overlapping with the busiest war days.
Usually I played Thursdays or Wednesdays and so do a lot of my members.

Not sure if I can participate in PL as often as I do now. Priorities. I would vote for keeping the longer duration and maybe have parallel events.

I’m not sure I like this change.  I always played my Pro League after I finished ninja or war, but now that opportunity is lost. If we have a festival or some other event at the same time there would be three “required” activities at the same time. That’s excessive to me.

I know we can choose not to participate in one or the other, but … that’s a false choice.

I like they shortened the duration of the pro league 6 days where you have to use only 35min were a lot. And 75% of players do their league at the first 2 days.

I’d love to see it start on Monday and end on Thursday then, rather than be concurrent with wars and ninja.

Agree, it starts and ends druing wars and ninja. I know many liked doing PL raids Wednesday/Thursday when there was some time off in the game. I know PL it is only 30 min in total but still :slight_smile:   If it always starts on Friday, I don’t see a point in making it shorter, it doesn’t matter if it ends on Tuesday or Thursday for that matter.

Thank you for putting the hours in the official announcement and repeating them here.  That is very helpful.

Shorter duration also mean ally need 2 days more pay to keep the boost till next possibility.  Flare does nothing for free?

I’m in the remaining 25%.

There should be only 2 wars in a month. It is kinda stressful during wars to do all raids for your alliance. Even 6 at all fronts something translates to 24 wars in 24 hours, if not championing. Obviously, you cannot play during work hours.  

Considering having 4 wars per player. 

Ok, what’s the difference between the pro tier and the other one (listing) that was before. Will I receive double crystals? It looks the same for me.

You’ll receive only the rewards listed in your pro tier

It’s fine on the ninja weeks, but when you have 2-4 fief champ battles to do, it was nice to have Wednesday night in isolation just for the Pro League.

I like that PL is shorter but I agree with everyone that it should be from Monday to Friday so that it only over laps a little with wars and ninja and why is there a late joiner period? doesn’t make sense. I should be able to join with 35 mins left why does it matter if I don’t finish and waist my ticket that’s not your problem. I was unable to participate because I usually play on Monday evening and now you stop me from joining at 18:00 utc so I missed out. your losing money on this one???