Should battle length not be tied to Hero Temple?

So here it is as we have a lot of time between next war…

So given the sum total of hitpoints on a base (towers +barricades+(wave quantityxtroops) is determined by the lvl of the hero temple, shouldn’t the time in battle be linked to the building that determines the lvl of waves/lvl of troops, and lvl of towers/barricades.    The last 3 lvs to barricade alone raise it’s health by over 100% with blessing.   So what we are seeing is a lot of fully developed bases with max troops/max waves/ max defences with a low lvl gate ofapollo thus reducing the battle time by over a minute or more… I’m sure when there weren’t extra lvls of barricades/troops (a year ago or more)it wasn’t a big problem, but what if they raise the lvl again, such bases, at the top of the leaderboard with low ascension will be near impossible to beat (at least Perseus boots will be useful).   Just wondered if the devs had considered future/current exploits and future implications of the low gate approach. 

Any thoughts chaps?

Players have been doing that since the beginning and it’s always been an effective tactic.  I teach everyone that you never upgrade your gate until all your towers and barricades are fully maxed out. You can do it too, nobody’s stopping you. 

Can’t agree more. When this is a strategy game, there should be things like tactic you can use to increase the difference between you and others.

It’s not like upgrading your gate to max is a bad strategy either.  You get extra structures, path length, and TONS of health on the gate. You just better be able to make that be worth the extra time they get. Upgrading your gate too quickly is not a good strategy, though. 

I didn’t really include health of the gate, as the difference between 100k and 500k health at the gate is a few seconds if you get there, as a bunch of minotaurs can demolish it quick, after all don’t we all hope the oddessy puts a large % on the gate to make the base easier.

Just consider the advantage, you lose 1 barricade and 2-3 towers, but keep all waves and troops and  all other structures present at max, and yet knock off maybe 25-30% battle time for a small reduction in health points of your defence. 

I was instructed to not upgrade my gate for this purpose, and yes I realise that all can do it, so it’s even in that respect, but seems a slap in the face to those high lvl players that invested time and resources to upgrade and to have a mathematical disadvantage when all is considered.  As I said if theres a future upgrade to everything, this  low lvl gate advantage will increase considerably and maybe make some bases impossible to defeat…

There’s a real tipping point where not having enough path and barricades is a disadvantage. Having a level 13 Gate is one thing, having a level 11 gate doesn’t allow you to really take full advantage of the helios tower. I don’t think its as big a deal as you’re making it out to be. You’re underselling the gate health, too. There are only a couple of heroes who can solo a max level gate. A gate with 100k health goes down in 2 seconds. Low level gates also don’t take full advantage of Chaos gate blessing.

I would agree IF there was an option in base layout to change the lvl of your Apollo Gate and thus # towers/barricades accordingly for your defence, but seeing as there isn’t I wouldn’t call it a strategy or a tactic to be honest.  Even more so when you are looking for a top ranking position, I would call it exploiting the game mechanics.

@dumpster Ok the Gate at max is more difficult with Chaos gate blessing, but that is something you can’t apply all the time like other blessings on towers/barricades/troops, so the advantage I mention above is very real and quite substantial, and to cross 4 squares (diff between lvl 11-15 apollo gate) prob takes an average hero a few seconds max.

Then when you consider oddessy bonus’ on top (as there’s many ways to add a lot of hit points on a standard def) of that, it creates an even wider bonus for having a low gate lvl.

There are SHOCKINGLY few top players without a max level gate. Almost none. 

i write abouth that earlier for me this is not a tactik this is cheating !! I wos suggest earlier that upgrade off tower , baricade and guardian off tanatos determined on gate off Apolo not on Hero temple ! That chicken and fox tactic is insane loe time for wining batle on the other side he have strong unit , speed waves ,strong baricade and tower only week spot is gate ! I got one advice strong hero crush what you can crush run to the gate and you win batlle , don’t get full number off trophy but you kick off chicken player at the map ! I hate those tactik and i like to crush them ! 

If they’re easy to crush, in your words, why is it a problem?

because i spent ambrosia i most resyrect hero two time for sure and sometime and three time , not offen but i most use one invocation pyros or scylia to breach that defence luck for me i got strong hero so that i rearly do ! But what with other player till they understud that player isnt actyaly strong like ivy its write he is much , much stronger they will lose lot off resyrce and torche ! Thry dont have to read anywhere in game instruction about this and im sure this tactik is game crushing , cheating and cheakin defence layout !  what difens that player have that this tactick can’t be done ?? For me this is the crushing game and cheating then the game shouldn’t have at all Gate off Apolo 

maybe don’t worry about other players so much. they can handle themselves.

Sory for other because i pay this lesson expensive ? no where to read and no body to teach i spent ton off invocation and ambrosia till i figure out what’s goin on