Should be a confirmation of using gems button

I know it’s kinda my fault, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally clicked on something that used my gems. Friend uber chests, scrolls and finishing buildings.   I wish there was a pop up that said “are you sure you want to use gems?” Or something similar.  I just accidentally opened one of those “free uber chests”, which I also think is lame they force us to take and keep in our pending treasures.  Wasted 300 gems and didn’t even get a useful uber item.  

We have asked this since century and nop nothing. Flaregames don’t care about you and don’t care about all of us. From Flaregames : ‘’ You waste gems I don’t care! Its your fault’’

why try to talk to a wall? its a long time everyone know that when we do a topic they don’t care about it. Look Dawn of Steel become dead,the forum is dead no information,nothing

Why people still continue to ask improvement and stuffs we all know they don’t care and if they care just a little bit maybe we gonna have that in 10 years if this game still alive. you know everything we ask maybe 75% still not in the game and some come like 2 or 3 year after the demand

and look carefully all topic its not something who take year to add in this game no!!! all of 75 or 85% of stuffs people ask to add can be add in just one fucking update of 500 MB or 1 GB if needed I don’t care the size. its all small stuff who take 5 minutes in programming like :

  • Add a confirmation about gems

  • Add custom keyboard button on PC

etc… All thing we ask need at least 1 day of programming and that its. Why? WHy? that took 1 milllions of year before have 1% of stuffs we ask no sense really no sense. My only guess is Flaregames don’t fucking care about their customers its the only reason I can find sorry

The worse companie ever in the industries of video game sorry but the fact proof without doubt I am right

Well You might have something to cheer about. Flare created the option of dismissing friend uber chest.

the best example I can give who proof Flaregames don’t care about us and don’t care about their game and they never care and love to ignoring everyone,etc.that why I hope one day people gonna stop ask demand because anyway that finish in the toilet you idea

Everyone who play Dawn of Steel know and if you look on the forum. You can clearly see the Blink Rig its overpowering and destroy completely the entire game. Plus the fact there is hundred,thousand of hacker in the game proof without doubt Flaregames don’t care about their game

I predict without doubt if they continue ignoring people and do what they want. I give them maybe 2 years at least before they die

How is possible to survive when you act like totally asshole compagnies sorry but its the fact. If they don’t change the way they act with us or the way they do with their game. I am sure this compagnie its gonna be no more

Maybe people gonna continue to spend money and bring gems and stuffs but still I am sure they lose hundred or thousand of gamers each day or weeks


Oh seriously? Where is that option??

Can’t agree more, missclicks can happen. *especially when booze is in play :stuck_out_tongue: *


Confirm button would be a quality of life update, which i would like to see more of.

Not the hijack the topic but another ‘‘big’’ gem saver would be the option to turn gem scrolls off, i tend to misslick on them and waste gems.

Now the Friend Uber Chest looks like this: 

Now the Friend Uber Chest looks like this: 

That’s great actually, thanks!

Be careful not to buy it … the irony here is too much

But getting the annoying chest off screen when I have none is a bonus.

Oh yeah I’d never intentionally buy them.  Been ripped off too many times on ubers it seems.  

Yeah I get one item worth keeping every two… I guess uber is not so uber to them.