Should be a double tap on upgrades !

Uh oh, what just happened, were are my gems going. Just tapped the screen, I got distracted, it was a mistake !!! 300 + gems gone, oh I got an upgrade without waiting, I’VE GOT ALL THE TIME I NEED, NOT ALL THE GEMS I NEED !!! If we had a double tap on instant upgrades .  I’VE BEEN ROBBED !!!




Yeah some sort of confirmation pop-up would be nice.

I noticed some cool looking ‘‘map’’ layout for 150 vouchers, clicked it assuming i get more details…

But instead it took my 150 vouchers and instantly purchased it.

I also often see gear for sale for vouchers but with no stats, i’m afraid to click them because i’m sure i end up purchasing it and not seeing any stats / details pop-up.

It’s the top left item from granny, you can have a look there …

On the voucher gear, the old woman is normally selling the same item , you can get the stats off her. But hey vouchers are a perk , BUT GEMS, GEMS ARE THE LIFES BLOOD OF ROYAL REVOLT, but yes vouchers too.


Yeah, I dropped my phone, picked it up, and had spent 1,000 gems to half fill my treasury when I was only about a million gold below half full.