Should Eris be able to at least hit Basilisk Tower?

Ogre can stun Basilisk Tower. If it is a building, how can it be stunned? If the logic behind that is because it is a “living tower”, then shouldn’t Eris be able to stun it as well? Eris can’t hit any other buildings already, I think it would balance things up if it can at least hit basilisk tower because it is “alive”.

This is a good point, although, I think you mean Archimedes instead of Eris. Eris deals Lightning Damage and therefore I’m pretty sure he can hit the tower, but you’re right, Archimedes cannot stun. Either change it to be where, Archimedes can stun, or to where the tower itself cannot be stunned

eris cant not hit any towers or obstetrics!!!only units,under some ■■■■■■ condition wer eris uses it’s ability on units i can hit a structure.PS eris is a pro pal that’s worst than basic pal

If Eris is really that bad, then what’s the point in using him anyway? But if some people want to use him, and even if not, changes still should be made to where Lightning can hit both troops and towers. But, they would have to fix the Necromancer to where it’s lightning bolt could hit towers also, instead of only troops

bro i have eris its really really that bad!!!it’s normal attack has melee range which doesn’t hit towers or structures,it’s ability also has crappy range which still doesn’t hit structures(if it hits a units only den the chain lighting hits 1 tower max).u can much better in a battle with Archimedes than using eris.i regret buying it.nd YES! It needs buff…being a pro pal it should b able to hit both units nd structures.And should have higher range

We should put this back on topic, as the discussion was about how to make Archimedes, I believe, and not Eris, be able to stun the basilik tower. But @LacunaC, you may also be meaning that Eris cannot cause lightning damage to the towers, and that would make these last posts actually on topic. If there was any confusion, then it is my fault, sorry

He means Eris :grinning:

You’re right, I forgot that lightning stuns. I was thinking it only dealt damage. That’s my bad lol  :grinning: